Bumper bits

What do you all think about training a western horse using a bumper bit? My current trainer seems to be big on them, but I was wondering if there were other (better) methods for creating a beautiful western headset? Tips please, tips.

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  1. anonymous says:

    hmm i don’t know what that is, but i’ve never used one…however, you can get a great western headset in ANY bit, with proper training, even just a snaffle (though obviously you wouldn’t have the droop)…most of our horses show in correctionals or straight bars, and we do quite well!
    headset shouldn’t be dependent on the bit, though the bit can really give you the extra –something– to make you stand out, or really great for the show.
    the majority of headset, however, comes from collection, impulsion, and good lateral work.

  2. helkat says:

    hi…”anonymous” is right…it is all about collection, impulsion, and good lateral work. bumpers are great for getting a jr. horse to go in a bozel however i much prefer a good old snaffle and a set of side reins.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Most QH trainers use a bumper bit.. I have never seen a morgan trainer use one.

  4. jns767 says:

    I had never heard of one either. I’ve even done an internet search and haven’t really found anything on them. I’ve used the bit several times and find that it has helped. Currently, Bobby sets his head relatively nicely with very little to no coaxing. I really appreciate everyone’s input – thank you!!! We have done a lot of ground work using a lunge line with snaffle and side reins as well as other devices to encourage muscle development and all that. I am somewhat concerned about the bit as it seemed like a cop out – I have very soft hands and feel that there must be another option aside from the harsh bumper – butttttt – it did work (used sparingly or course).

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