OKC streaming vs. the real thing

Originally I was planning to drive to OKC to watch; however, I’m wondering how the online video streaming compares.  Anyone have any experience?  Obviously you miss the whole experience of the stables and warm up rings.  I’m just afraid I’ll drive all that way and it will be just another horse show, well not quite, but you know what I mean.



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  1. GGR says:

    My preference would be that if I had the time and cash to fund a trip to OKC I would LOVE to go and watch. That being said, I have had good results “watching” via my computer for the last two years. Last year I saw my mom win two GN championships and a RWC in classic pleasure driving right at my desk and I was whooping, screaming and cheering right along with the crowd. My neighbors probably thought I was nuts! The one time I needed tech support, I called the video companie’s tech number and they were very responsive. They were really concerned that I got a good result.

    This year I will again be watching via computer, it really is the next best thing to being there and an economical way to see some of the show.

    Hope this helps!


  2. jdenzel says:

    In 2006 my daughter didn’t show but we had many friends who did. We watched via the on-line video but it was very difficult to make out horses, riders and etc. Nevertheless, that was two years ago….with technology they have probably improved it tremendously!

  3. JC says:


    Nothing beats the real thing, but video streaming is a close second. The video quality was very good last year, with only a few minor glitches during the week.
    Live streaming is a great way to make notes on sale horses and prospects (either for sale or not) to keep for future reference.
    I’m sure I watched more classes from my computer than I would have on the grounds, as I was able to switch quickly from one ring to the next-and back again quickly.

  4. your_starr says:

    where is everything streamed? whats the site? is there a subscription fee?

  5. GGR says:

    You sign up via the link at http://www.morgangrandnational.com. There are several price packages, but I get the whole show option and I think it is about $60.



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