Most Beautiful (Just for fun :)

Hey, everybody!

Which stallions at stud right now does everyone think are the most beautiful. Stallions that are not only conformationally correct but, just have a presence of power and beauty.  I will go first!


Minion Millenium, Trebles Tanqueray, Thunderbay, Stonecroft Byzantine, Pot of Gold, The Millionaire, Tug Hill Whammunition, and NR Futurity Cobras Promise

O.K. so maybe a few favorites! :P

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  1. helkat says:

    Hi! I have no choice but to comment here.

    I have got to add Worked in Gold and the late TVM I Promise to the list.

    I also have to add a certain Gray Morgan. His name is SNR Steel Blue Magnolias. He shows in the western pleasure section and is a doll to be around. He has amazing western quality and color to go with it.

    I will admit…I tend to be a traditionalist….browns….but I believe in SNR Steel Blue Magnolias. Pretty is pretty and color is pretty as long as there is quality to go with it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I looove Minion Millenium, he is absolutely gorgeous. I also like Stand & Deliver, War & Peace, and CCR’s Outrajus Courajus.

  3. your_starr says:

    I’ll agree with the comment above about the gray morgan. I believe it was him at MI All Morgan this year. He was absolutely gorgeous. One of THE prettiest WP horses I’ve ever watched.

    I also really like JW That Special Flaire, and Meet The Press, and theres a local guy who will be at OKC this year that I think is just pretty pretty, JDS Paladin Pazzazz.

  4. love-equitation says:

    Oooh I like a lot.

    Minion Millennium
    Stand and Deliver
    Treble’s Tangueray
    and..AHHH so many. I’ll say….Bell Flaire :]

  5. Anonymous says:

    Astronomicallee. If you ever get the opportunity to see him in person, take advantage!

  6. bluedesiign says:

    I agree, SNR Steel Blue Magnolias is gorgeous. He deserves a lot more credit than he sometimes gets. I too am more of a traditional color type but a Morgan is a Morgan and he definitely represents a Western Pleasure horse very well.

  7. denu220 says:

    Treble’s Tanquerary (“T-Ray”) is in my barn and is *drop-dead* gorgeous!!! What a hunk!! He throws terrific, talented babies as well.

    I’ll be breeding again in the future, though not to T-Ray (not looking for a western horse), and am looking at Mizrahi, among others…

  8. Morgan Manfreda says:

    ohh boy, im going to have to say bens rhapsody and nostradamas(Though I’m a bit prejudice here)

  9. helkat says:

    ohh…I have to add Nostradamas too.

    Thanks for the comments on SNR Steel Blue Magnolias “CLark” I am his trainer and he will be out at OKC this year for western pleasure. Riding a Gray has its perks and Clark is one special guy.

  10. Banbury says:

    Have to say, I am a die-hard Bell Flaire fan. He brought tears to my eyes every time I saw him shown.

  11. jschmidt says:

    Born To Boogie!

  12. erikarose says:

    Spice O Life Right Answer. Although last I heard they were planning on gelding him.

    He would take my breath away everyday just walking past his stall. Absolutely beautiful animal.

  13. colwilrin says:

    OK…so I am a bit off topic

    I went with some favorite studs of all time who really hit me as having something special. They are the horses that take your breath away when you watch them perform.

    1. CCR Outrageous Courageous – he has an awesome ring presence. When he is in a class, you forget to watch the other horses.

    2. Stand and Deliver – what great type on this guy. He was just breathtaking to watch at night under the lights at Northamptom.

    3. Saddleback Supreme – maybe not the most gorgeous of the list. But if you look up balanced, four-cornered park trot in the dictionary…there should be a picture of him. He defined it.

    As for just beautiful, in no particular order: Tug Hill Commando, Treble’s Tanqueray, Salem Command, Apollo’s Reflection, Nostradamus, Pot of Gold, Minion Millenium (just for the neck alone!)

    To Helkat: I could tell you stories about Oscar’s (Worked in Gold) bizzare and quirky barn habits that would take a bit of the luster off of his “big studly” image! LOL He is quite a character, and should get extra points just for personality.

  14. amie9191 says:

    My all time fav:
    Tug Hill Commando

    Other favs:
    Stand and Deliver
    Gradell’s Ring my Bell

  15. GGR says:

    what a neat list to read. I have so many favorites -

    My favorite – War & Peace – such an incredibly beautiful horse.

    Minion Millenium – incredible in the pictures I’ve seen of him.

    CCRs Outrajous Couragous – What a performer.

    Tug Hill Commando – gorgeous face.


  16. Jane Shannon says:

    I would have to vote for Thunderbay! He sired my gelding, SMS Independence Bay and my former mare, Hunter’s First Edition. Thunderbay throws his looks, personality, intelligence, conformation, and attitude to all of his offspring. It is a joy to own and ride a Thunderbay horse!

  17. jjoker says:

    the boogie man – just his ring presence he owns it and pretty “LIGHTS OUT”
    stage rage – just a cool dude in a loose mood

  18. jjoker says:

    ooooops continental vision – i saw him as a yearling and omg he blew me away. i knew he was gonna be WGC.
    Sounds as though the “gray ghost” wins i must see him. Good luck with him at the big dance.

  19. love-equitation says:

    Yes I love FIRECREST E-TICKET too, I wasn’t sure he was up for stud though.

  20. mrsfire says:

    I was lucky enough to see Futurity French Command in person. He literally took my breathe away. I have never seen such a beautiful face in my life.

  21. helkat says:

    jjoker….come out and see him. and we can use all the luck we can get! Thank You!

  22. Stacy says:

    “OC” thanks those that mentioned him…as a side note, the person that included Saddleback Supreme (one of my favorites)…that is OC’s great Grandmother on his father’s side and,IMO, is where he got his square, precise trot from. It’s one of my favorite parts of his pedigree:)

  23. empressive says:

    I am glad everyone enjoyed this post. I know I did! I have even learned a little and had fun getting to talk or type about some horses I like. Thanks gals and guys!

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