Someone Has To Care!!!

I really enjoy the breeding aspect of owning Morgans.  I handle everything at home, with the help of my local vet and my Trainers who patiently answer all my stupid questions.  Keeping my lack of patience in check through the long waiting process is always a problem but when my mare finally delivers, I know that it was well worth it. 

Luckily I have never had any sort of an emergency and all three of my experiences have been very positive.  My mares have been very nurturing, caring mothers.  Well, almost…This week I weaned my filly and let me say, it is KILLING me.   I don’t feel this way because my mare, Fanny, is so upset to be away from her filly and is calling to her mournfully.  I feel this way because the filly is so sad and her Mom could CARE LESS!  I moved Fanny down to her stall (which is all of 24 feet away; I only have a 6 stall barn) and she let out one small whinny and went right for the hay.  It was like she said, “I miss you, baby…OH, COOL! HAY!!!!”.  That has been about the extent of Mom missing her offspring.  I know nature has a way of handling all this, but, COME ON…at least miss her a little!

My heart is breaking for my poor little filly, but I know this will pass (Okay, so maybe I am being a overly dramatic here, but I do feel bad).  At least with a human kid you can sort of explain what is going on when they go to preschool.  She has started to get past the “sad part” and now she is just plain mad; running around her stall, tossing her head and striking at the wall.  I guess if you follow the accepted steps of grief, acceptance is coming…maybe for BOTH of us.   I guess since Mom doesn’t seem to care…my maternal nature is picking up the slack. I love the breeding and babies, but boy, do I absolutely HATE the weaning!

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