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A few viewers have commented that they would like to see Forums included here on the blog.  That is certainly something we can set up so I wanted to get an idea of whether most folks would find that appealing.

 Any comments about what you like about a Forum format and/or what you would like to see would be greatly welcome.

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  1. denu220 says:

    Hi Beth,
    I’m sorry I’ve been really busy lately, but I want to get back to you on this topic. I’ll post later and hope you catch it, okay? Take care, “denu” (Lisa)

  2. Black Eye Beth says:

    Thanks, denu. It looks like the forums are the thing people like. We have already started getting one set up. I think we will do some restructuring of the blog, possibly before OKC. If not before, then right after.

    If anybody has likes and dislikes of the way certain forums are set up, let me know! Examples are always good so we have something to go by.

  3. colwilrin says:


    My only problem with the format is that under recent posts only 5 are listed. If the blog is really hopping…and you don’t get to it for a day…you can’t just look down a list of posts to find out where you left off. Maybe just adding a “more” button under the recent posts that would give you X amount of additional past posts.

    Otherwise…you rock!

  4. denu220 says:

    Well, you could have: 1- An introduce yourself section

    2- A general Morgan horse section

    3- A separate Morgan picture section (candids, family photos, or special professional shots)

    4- A Morgan video section

    5- A Morgan health section

    6- A general chitchat about anything section

    7- A separate “show horse topics only” section

    8- A horse memorial section

    9- A classified for selling Morgans

    10- A general classified

    You get the idea! I’ve been participating in these forums for a l-o-n-g time… If members could have a moniker (we do already in many cases) and post so others could flip to that “chapter” and respond to the post, that would be sweet :)
    Also, I would love to have the system whereby one member can “personal message” another, routed through this website’s e-mail system which would arrange to have our personal e-mails on file. It would be great if people could post pictures and/or videos in any section—that really helps personalize things and helps people connect and talk about their animals, issues, etc.

    Beth! Don’t feel like you have to do any of this! I’m sure it’s a lot of WORK. But, it has worked extremely well on the “dog boards” I frequent. Like I keep saying, lasting friendships have formed and valuable information is exchanged. Please know that I appreciate all you do here—it’s so great having a place to come as a Morgan HORSE OWNER. Lisa

  5. helkat says:

    I really like the idea of an “introduce yourself” section. I am new to and I absolutely love this site however I feel a bit awkward just jumping in anywhere I have an opinion. I also am comfortable giving out an idea of who I am on line…for example…I am the trainer who showed the Gray Stallion at Nationals this past year. I think it would be helpful to have a spot for open introduction for those who have no problem sharing their identity.
    Thank you for this wonderful site!!!

  6. Black Eye Beth says:

    Hey all. I want to thank you guys for throwing out all the great ideas. Since got much bigger much quicker than we ever anticipated, we were only in the “talking” stages of how to make it better and more “user friendly”. All of your help is greatly appreciated! Over the next few months we are going to try to make it a more comprehensive site. Please bear with us as it can be a tedious process, and please keep all the ideas flowing! I want to hear it all, even if you aren’t sure if it can be done. Our original mission was to make this a site where everybody can participate and find something that interests them.

  7. colwilrin says:

    All the suggestions are good. The only one that is a bit confusing is to have a section for “show horse topic.” It is confusing because the is a horse show blog, so wouldn’t that be redundant? It may be more helpful to have a non-show-related section.

  8. denu220 says:

    Good point, colwilrin. I guess I was just thinking that there could be Morgan lovers/owners who don’t show (perhaps they’re involved in a Pathways program), or just ride for pleasure. I thought the “show” section what let us consolidate our concerns, questions, and comments in one central place (but not the entire blog/domain). I like your idea, though! I think Beth gets to decide…

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