What Do YOU Want?

Over the last few days I have been thinking about ways to improve AboveLevel.com to make it a more helpful resource for the Morgan Community.  Just recently we have added protection for usernames so that 2 people cannot comment using the same name and cause confusion among the other blog users (if anyone is having a problem commenting with the new design, please feel free to email me).   It was mentioned in one comment that navigating the various posts and comments is not as user-friendly as it could be so we are presently working on ways to improve that aspect.  Being able to communicate directly with one another in a less formal manner has also been suggested.

 Because there as so many different ways to improve AboveLevel.com, I would really like to hear from the users as to what they would like to see.  Would things such as a chat-room, message forum, personal homepages or a consolidation of horses, tack and show clothes on one page be welcome?  ANY and ALL ideas will be considered.  We want to make this a gathering place for everybody, so your help in designing a more useful blog is very, very welcome. 

 If you do have ANY suggestions or thoughts (I want to know what is and isn’t working!) please comment on this post or email me directly at blackeyebeth@gmail.com.

3 Responses to What Do YOU Want?

  1. amie9191 says:

    I love Above Level but I do think that putting it in more of a forum layout would make it easier to navigate.

  2. denu220 says:

    I would really love all the personal enhancements (chat room, personal message capability, personal picture post capability, etc.) and individual “thread” format. But, I know this would probably mean a lot of work for you and your husband, so I’ll gladly take whatever you’re willing to give :) The good part about personalizing things is that it allows lasting friendships to form, and members in the Morgan world actually have realistic opportunities to meet each other in person. As a result of THIS forum—right here at AboveLevel—I’ve gotten to be cyber-friends with “bella” and look forward to meeting her soon. This all happened because someone posted a topic here about MA Morgan! I know some folks are planning on having a little AboveLevel “meet and greet” at NY too. I might have to drive out there Friday night…

  3. Kandinski says:

    I would love to see forums!

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