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So we’ve been tinkering with things under the hood here and I wanted to let you know about a new feature: Subscribe to comments.

Someone mentioned in a comment a few days ago that it was hard to find responses to their comments. Now, when you submit a comment, you can check a box  (circled in red below) to be notified by email when further comments are posted.

Subscribe to comments screenshot

You can choose whether to be notified or not, and you can unsubscribe from further notifications at any time by clicking a link in the email.

Hope this helps!

5 Responses to New Feature

  1. denu220 says:

    There’s another good idea, Beth!

    >>>> Will there ever be a way some of us, just known by screen names, lol, can send “personal messages” to other screen names through Abovelevel? We can do this on the dog blogs, so I was just wondering if it could be a possibility here. I’ve made LOTS of neat friends from all over the world that way (dog owners); I’m not sure how it works electronically, but it’s a great way to connect people with similar interests (like Morgans)… I’m not trying to make more work for you, Beth—it’s just an idea ;)

  2. Black Eye Beth says:

    I will be sure to talk to the husband about setting that up. He does all the programming stuff so I’ll see what he says.

    Thanks for the input. I am always looking for ways to make things better and more user-friendly.

  3. Black Eye Beth says:

    denu-Can you give me the URL of Dog Blogs so we can take a look at it? Thanks!

  4. denu220 says:

    Sure, Beth. One is and the other is They both allow posters to interact with one another and get friendly on a personal level—I’ve met lots of friends from all over the country this way! Also, you’ll see you can get personalized responses to what they term “threads.” I’m on the bulldogdomain as “Onslow” and the bulldogchannel as “Tarquin.” If you look under one of the catch-all sections/categories, you’ll see we each have our own avatars, etc. If I can do anything else to help, please let me know ;) P.S. I’m organizing a secret Santa holiday gift exchange this year at the Bulldog Channel!

  5. bella92290 says:

    Great idea Beth, thanks. And thank you for continuing to make this such an awesome blog…=))

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