It’s a Party at the NY Morgan

Everyone is invited to join me to watch the Sweepstakes classes on Friday night. I’m hosting a gathering of the AboveLevel community in the coliseum behind the Futurity booth. Non-alcoholic beverages and munchies provided. Screen names optional. I hope to see you there!

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  1. evamorgan says:

    What a great idea, sounds like fun. I’ll try to remember to stop by.

  2. I will swing by for sure– I think it is far enough from my championship, I should be able to do it. I may be in my show clothes, though!

  3. bella92290 says:

    I am there =))

  4. mydoglovesme says:


    “Try?? There is no ‘try’. You either DO, or you do NOT do.”


  5. Mocha Mom says:


    You are welcome in any attire. Bring friends. We’ll wind you up for your ride.

  6. Will do, MochaMom!!! Woohoo!

  7. Black Eye Beth says:

    I think I am going to miss quite a party. I am not able to come to NY due to family obligations. You all have fun!

  8. denu220 says:

    I *might* come watch on Saturday…

  9. 2girlsmom says:

    I will be out on Saturday for the day. I am sorry I will miss the party. Have a great time!

  10. 2girlsmom says:

    I was wondering how the party was on Friday? My family and I went out on Saturday and really enjoyed the show. The quality of horses was amazing. I am hoping the party was a big hit!!

  11. erikarose says:

    Yes how was the party? I got to the wine tasting party for a few minutes, but that was it.

    Alicia, I still love that jr exhib western gelding of yours! I can’t get over just how freaking cute he is! I had to take a bazillion pics of him to show everyone back at the barn that I found a western version of my pony.

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