Hi everyone,

I am going to be near escondido in CA and I love to go see other Morgan barns and stuff but, was wondering if I am not looking to buy, breed to a stallion, or seek training is it still O.K. to ask for a tour or to come by? Not that I want to stick out but, I would be looking to visit the Millers they have a few horses I would love to see and I would like to get to know more Morgan people. Not that you guy’s aren’t a blast. I just do not want to impose on them or anybody. I thought you guy’s would know the proper etiquitte since everyone here I presume has visiters. Since gas is high and generally I am busy I have not had good luck with open barn events and do not get to enough shows. Thanks for the input!

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  1. colwilrin says:

    I would guess that as long as you called in advance and asked for a tour, most farms would try and accomodate you.

    Though you are not in the market for a new horse or trainer NOW, you may be some time in the future.

    IMO, most barn owners/trainers would see your visit as a “meet and greet” marketing opportunity to promote the breed, their farm, and possible future sales and business.

    Plus you know how much Morgan folks LOVE to show off their stock and gab about the breed…that is why this site is so popular!

  2. Black Eye Beth says:

    I agree with colwilrin. I think if you call and talk with them about making an appointment you will get an idea if they are open to your seeing their facility. Most likely if they are too busy they will tell you so.

  3. mrsfire says:

    I think most people would be flattered that you want to visit. We are always happy to have visitors. It is always a joy to meet other Morgan owners.

  4. empressive says:

    Thanks everyone. I will call first I just do not like to impose especially when I am not looking to be a customer but, simply to enjoy. Thanks again I will say for you guys if I get by! :]

  5. Stacy says:

    I am sure Frank and Anne will be happy to have you visit…they are very friendly. If you’d like to come by our place, you’re welcome to. We’re about an hour north of them. Of course, if you come after Sept. 25th, you’ll have to do your own barn tour as we’ll be gone for oKC:)

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