Question on Shipping Cross Country

Hi all:

Hoping my morgan friends can offer some advice.  I am looking into purchasing a young horse in the near future…one of the ones I am looking at is in Oregon (I am in the New England area).  Can any of you recommend any shippers…keeping in mind this is a young horse on a LONG trip (I think a hair over 3,000 miles)?  Also, any clue on rough cost I might be looking at here…and/or thoughts on how I can keep this economical but safe?  thanks so much for any advice!

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  1. amie9191 says:

    If you are looking to purchase it in the next month I’m sure you could find it a ride with someone going to Nationals and then from nationals find someone going to your area. Since most people are making the trip anyway if they have an open spot on their trailer they can give a cheaper price.

    You could also try

  2. garishar says:

    Don’t try too hard to get a bargain, and ask plenty of questions. I thought price was the deciding factor the first time I sent a horse with a shipper only to find out that the equipment was not what was pictured in brochures, my horse was traveling with other types of animals and unloading/reloading during the trip was likely. My horse got very sick on that trip. I was extremely picky for a future trip and got the boys box stalls in a semi so that they could move around and lower their heads. They both arrived in excellent shape, although that shipper took forever to get them there. It seemed like a splurge, but getting them there in good health without vet bills was worth it. Try to arrange things so that it’s not a problem if the horse is picked up or arrives up to a week late. I assumed the shipper would arrive on the designated day and flew to our old home to make sure my horses and equipment were loaded safely only to have to fly to the destination before they were ever picked up, leaving loading to relatives, because the shipper was almost a week late and I couldn’t change my plane ticket.

  3. JC says:

    Bob Hubbard Transportation(800-888-5914) handled my yearling colt very well. He traveled in a box stall (key for youngsters) and arrived healthy and happy from the Midwest to the Mid Atlantic. I spent the same amount for my older gelding to travel from Oregon in a “stall and a half” with All State Horse Express. He also arrived healthy, even after a snow storm layover. I may just have been very lucky to have all of my horses delivered to me without snotty noses (even one from Europe), as the stress of travel can make any horse sick.

    Shipping in a BOX stall, on a big rig should be your priority over price. Count on the shippers to pick up or deliver when most people are still asleep (1-4am).
    Good luck with your new prospect! -JC

  4. Janie Denning says:

    I have used Mike and Erin Silver of Silvermesa Morgans many times. They are coming into nationals from Oregon. Usually they haul a youngster for me every year. They do several layovers so the horses are still pretty fresh. My horses always look great when they arrive. The do haul in a 5 horse slant but give incredible care.

    I usually let them rest in OKC for a few days and then ship them on home. OKC has many places to let them lay over and rest. Probably someone in your area is coming home from Nationals could bring them the rest of the way. Good luck

  5. Anonymous says:

    Bateman out of Vermont runs to the west coast. You may want to check them out. Their rates were competitive. We’ve used them several times shipping from the Midwest to the east coast and have always been very happy with them.

  6. Banbury says:

    Thank you all for your advice, this is exactly what I was hoping to get. Definitely will go for the box stall and will check on some of the names you have provided. WIsh me luck!

  7. denu220 says:

    I just shipped a horse to New England from the midwest. I agree with the person who said not to cut corners… Just so you know, I researched for my own horse; you’ll find cheaper prices but may not get the “big rig”—something you definitely want and need for such a long trip. I’d want a major trucking company that would put my horse on a semi with air suspension, video cameras, box stalls available, experienced handlers, etc. You can’t take too many precautions. We use J.R. Hudson Horse Transportation and he is taking horses to OKC. Also, Jeff Lukens Horse Transportation is very good. Creech Brothers is another reputable name. We had a problem with TIME; we had to wait until a rig came through the midwest and then my horse had to make a layover in KY. It’s not always simple, but the cheapest price may not be the right idea either. Best of luck to you!

  8. Malissa says:

    I have a yearling colt that I am shipping from Northern California to Nashville…probably in early November. I’m sure that anyone that I find will also be doing runs to/from Oregon. I will post all the information I receive. I’d also love to learn what you find, who you decide to go with!

  9. Banbury says:


    I am making my calls now, have gotten a number of quotes, the box stall (2 stalls) unfortunately right now appears cost prohibitive for me. Would love to hear what you find.

    Another option, am curious if anyone has experience with them, is Cox Equine Transport out of Oklahoma. A friend of mine has used them a number of times and has had excellent experiences. The yearling I am looking at does not tie well yet, this gentleman uses a oversize slant load with floor-ceiling partitions…horse apparently does not need to be tied. Picks up in CA, lays over for 2 – 3 days at their own facility in OK, then completes the trip. Am curious if anyone has feedback on this outfit specifically.

    thanks all, this has been a tremendous help.

  10. Malissa says:

    Great, thank you! If anyone has any info on Cox I’d love to hear as well. I received a quote from Bob Hubbard. I think my trip will be about 2300 miles.
    The following quote is based on transportation from Santa Rosa,CA to Hendersonville,TN. Based on this routing, our rate to ship your horse in a stall in a half is $1,856.00 per horse. And for a box stall is $2,747.00 per horse. Our prices are based on carrier’s convenience and do not guarantee a specific ship date.

    I looked at uShip a while ago when I was looking at a horse in New York and I didn’t like what I saw…too much of an investment to trust in the hands of a “lowest bidder” system in my opinion. Especially after a trainer out here blew a tire on a 6 horse trailer and it caught fire. Before they realized what was going on the trailer was engulfed inflames, Tragically all 6 horses died.

    Sorry to be such a downer!

  11. denu220 says:

    Yeah, I wasn’t crazy about uShip either. Sometimes it DOESN’T pay to save money :( Keep us posted, okay?

  12. Banbury says:

    I got quotes through Nationwide and one other (I forget now,both roughly the same)…Nationwide (I used them once and had very good luck) was $2090 single stall and $3700 for the box (my trip is a little over 3,000 miles). Unfortunately I can’t do the 1.5 stall as they still have to be tied so have to go either the box stall or this alternative slant with full partitions.

    Cox runs I believe every week (or two, I forget, very scheduled)…guy is trip on the phone but my friend assured me they do the job well..still looking for anyone else with feedback on them.

    Just gave the word…putting a deposit on my filly…HVK Bell Flaire x RBC Leah…I am excited and nervous!

    thanks for continuing feedback!

  13. quickstarsmom says:

    I’m going through the same thing here, we are moving from NY to AL and trying to figure out how to ship our horse. Our trainer’s mentioned hauling him to Cochran in November and we would only need to get a ride from there.

  14. denu220 says:

    If you call one of the big-name horse trucking companies (like those mentioned here), they’ll tell you if they can do a straight run or if another trucker will have to pick up where they leave your horse off. I like calling and putting the ball in their court; if they agree to ship your horse, they’ll take care of all the trucking transfers, etc. and it won’t be a headache for you.

  15. SaddleUp158 says:

    I used Cox to bring my 2yr old to OKC from TN. He arrived in excellent condition.

  16. Stacy says:

    I take it you are buying a filly of Taylors?:) Congratulations. My advise would be to be patient and use a horse person if possible, with a semi. I am nt a fan of layovers, especially if they are traveling in a box. Loading and unloading is where most injuries occur as well as who knows what bug in the layover stalls. Gerry (Rushton) may be going to Cochran in November and if that happens, you could easily get a ride from there to the east coast. Last year we shipped several to Cochran and then my brother (who has a horse transport business on the East coast) took them from there. Being from a family that does horse transport for a business and my experience with Gerry, I am pretty picky. Vet bills, bad care, etc can be alot more costly in the long run. Someone that cares enough to continually check on them and care for them, especially the young ones that are prone to a snotty nose on a long trip at that time of year, is pretty important, IMO. If you are looking to get her sooner than that, let me know…I am sort of in the “loop” of both West coast and east coast haulers:)

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