New York Morgan Regional

I was just wondering who was going to make the trip to New York to compete at this years Regional. I was thinking maybe of driving up to see it. Is the competition expected to be strong this year?

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  1. bella92290 says:

    I will be there but our horse will not =( I will be watching classes and supporting my barnmates Fri and Sat…..I hope it is a good show!

  2. Scottfield will be there with bells on!

  3. denu220 says:

    Not this year :(

  4. Morgan Manfreda says:

    We’ll be there :) I just heard that they have a little over 600 stalls reserved!

  5. KarenL says:

    600 stalls? I’m assuming that includes tack stalls, but even still, that’s a good show! I’m hoping it cools down a little & have already started asking that the hurricanes stay clear of the dressage arena- Dressage is like a magnet for gully-washer rain events….

  6. 2girlsmom says:

    We will be going to watch. No horse this year. Good Luck to everyone showing!!

  7. I spoke with Jeff Evans yesterday, and he said that they had sold 580 stalls for sure. Woohoo! From what i am hearing, there will be several very prominent New England barns attending in addition to the regulars that show up to make the event a grand one year after year. I would guess by the list I have been hearing that this will be extremely deep competition for the saddleseat divisions, especially open and amateur. Way to go, Jeff!!! :-)

  8. bella92290 says:

    We should all get together, if only for a short time to say hi to each other.
    I will be there Friday and Saturday…anyone else game?

  9. Absolutely! Because I have some many first year riders attending this show, I don’t think our Championship schedule is heavy. I think either day will work for me!

  10. 2girlsmom says:

    That would be fun. I would try to be there.

  11. Mocha Mom says:

    Party? Did someone say “Party”?? I’m in!

    Did anyone hear how many HORSES are entered? I wish shows would publicize how many horses show.

  12. quickstarsmom says:

    We are taking our gelding, it’s our last show in NY :(

  13. Mocha Mom says:

    Everyone is invited to get together Friday evening in the coliseum. I’m still working out the details, but I hope to have refreshments and goodies for anyone who is interested, in the stands behind the Futurity booth. Anyone who’s not showing is welcome to hang out there to watch the Sweepstakes classes with me. Or just drop by to say hello. Screen names will be optional. :-)

  14. denu220 says:

    Friday night? Hmm… Keep us posted, okay?

  15. Black Eye Beth says:

    I just talked to a friend this morning and he told me that NY is making out to be a great show. There are many barns there that don’t regularly come with many horses in tow. Wish I could have come; sometimes it is a bummer to have to be an “adult”-haha.

  16. Amanda says:

    I know Cabot is bringing about 10, they left yesterday. I know a few others going that normally don’t.

    Wish I was able to make it out like planned.

  17. Nightlife says:

    Beth, are you going to be able to post results?

  18. Nightlife says:

    Mocha Mom,
    We had over 400 horses at NY last year.

  19. Black Eye Beth says:

    I hope to post results. I have a request into the Show Secretary but haven’t heard back yet.

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