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There and Back Again..

Saturday morning I drove to my trainer’s barn, helped load up for the Big Show and off we went down the road to Oklahoma City.  I was lucky in that I didn’t have to drive any (I offered but was declined…not sure if that is a testament to my driving or if everybody was in…

Dumb Jockey

i am looking to buy a dumb jockey, please contact me!

Quarter horse tops?

Okay, I discovered this website yesterday – love it! Question though, I see that several people who are looking for western clothing are requesting no Quarter Horse tops. What exactly is a Quarter Horse top so I know what not to buy? I feel like I’m always off with the fashion thing at the shows…

Bumper bits

What do you all think about training a western horse using a bumper bit? My current trainer seems to be big on them, but I was wondering if there were other (better) methods for creating a beautiful western headset? Tips please, tips.


Morgan Horse This is my baby and I at the good ole’ fun show this year. It was our 2nd show – sad – but all I could afford this year :(. We had a blast and placed 1st in all but one class (we reserved in one championship to a worthy jr exhibitor).  The…

OKC Here we Come!!!

Safe trip to all!!!  See you there!!! To colwilrin meet you at the bullriding place!! Looking forward too it!!!  

Blog work in progress [Updated]

[Update: The upgrade is completed and everything seems to be working correctly in Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome browsers. The major change that you will see is in the dashboard area, after you are logged in to write a post (for those that use the “Quick Post”, it won’t look different). Things should work…

Must see list

With the website posting the class lists and entries for OKC, is there any specific classes that you have on your “must see list”?  For those who are showing are you glad that there is a way to find out who you are showing against?

Can you say Moo????

I have been wanting to see the live bull riding at the Rodeo Bar for the last 3 years.  No one from my barn has been up for it in the past, but this year I am going…dragging someone from my barn, kicking and screaming,  along. So, I am going the first Saturday night of…

Adorable Classic Gelding For Sale

Reluctantly Offered: MCG Secret Agent Man (Futurity’s Macho Man x LPS Secret Affair) “Absolutely Adorable” is the ONLY way to describe this 1999 Classic Pleasure gelding! An elegant 14.3 hand chestnut with star, “Sam” is graced with an expressive head, shapely neck, laid back shoulder and smooth topline. Sam’s pedigree is as gorgeous as he…