Body Clipping

Do you guys body clip for Oklahoma? I usually do, but I don’t know if I should. Is it a good idea? Do most people…?

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  1. Erika Rose says:

    We do, they don’t seem to loose as much color in the summer/fall as they do in the spring.

    I personally love the look of a freshly body clipped horse.

  2. We body clip, but we do it as close to the show departure as possible. Generally, we ship out the monday or tuesday before the show, which means I body clip on sunday.

  3. amie9191 says:

    I body clip my horse before Nationals….like Alicia I do it as close to the show departure as possible. After I’m done body clipping I do a hot oil treatment and that really helps bring shine to the hair.

  4. colwilrin says:

    We do not, unless it is absolutely necessary. Which, in the last 3 years has not been. Luckily, my trainer has some sort of Mojo-magic for being able to keep their show coats looking like mid-july up through the middle of October.

    Right after OKC, they seem to blow out the winter coat. We joke that the all get on the trailer, and strain to pop the hairs out while they ride home!

  5. Dawn Fire says:

    We body clip almost all of our horses before OKC. If you do it the week before you go, their hair has grown just the right amount by the time you show.

  6. love-equitation says:

    Oooh Dawn Fire! Aren’t you the owner of Peeper Ranch or something?

    And ok, I probably will then ;]

  7. Dawn Fire says:

    I am the owner of Peeper Ranch, but please don’t tell anyone or they will expect me to know what is going on. :-)

  8. love-equitation says:

    Hmmm ok. Well I love Erotic Dancer, and all your horseys! :]

  9. Dawn Fire says:

    Thank you so very much!!!! I love them too. They make my world go around.

  10. Stacy says:

    We body clip whoever needs it…usually about 50/50. We clip at our layover outside the fairgrounds just before we set up and then we move hores in. They are clipped just under a week before they show the first time generally. Some of them are considerably hairier by the end of the show!

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