Saddle recommendation for Morgans

Hi!I’m looking for a dressage saddle for my Morgan mare and wondered if anyone has found a particular saddle that fits Morgans best.  I would say she is a medium tree.  Any ideas?Thanks for sharing 

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  1. denu220 says:

    Hi there,
    I don’t have a specific brand in mind, but I would measure my horse and then call the saddle company of your choice and ask them what they recommend for a horse of your size and girth. Best of luck! Oh, good companies will let you try the saddle first before you buy it…

  2. empressive says:

    hey PonyUp the paso trainers I work with absolutely love the Ortho Flex saddle I’m pretty sure that is what it is called but, I will double check. It is very comfy kind of keeps you in the saddle too without being so bulky that you cannot fell the horse beneath you. For the horse it allows alot of movement free and rolling movement or high and out movement. It really is a great complement for gaited or big shouldered horses. Paso trainers prefer this saddle and you can find it at all levels of showing. Anyway, that is my very long two cents.

  3. PonyUp says:

    Thanks for your suggestions. I appreciate it ;-)

  4. Erika Rose says:

    My old dressage coach always recomended Stubbens, we always found used was best way to by them. If well cared for, they age like fine wine. My first saddle was a 30yr old stubben that was uber comfortable and I think it was a 32 (the widest tree available) that fit just about every morgan and most other breeds I tried to ride. The gelding I primarily rode was a tall 15.1 with a lot of body between your legs, but very narrow chested and he still needed a wide tree.

    Now my coach had a County with a wide tree. That was by far the most comfortable dressage saddle I have ever ridden in.

    On a family vacation to Germany I tried a few different brands (stubben, passier, kieffer etc.) and for a dressage saddle I am just stuck on stubbens

  5. Anonymous says:

    I would suggest that you contact Trumbell Mountain…they have a website. They are saddle fitters and have mailed saddles all over the country to satisfied owners. All they do is saddles. They have morgans so understand their unique withers and backs. If you are in the NOrthest it would be worth a trip with your horse to get fitted on site. Their phone number is 1-800-442-9672

  6. Stonesong says:

    I’d go with a County without a second thought! I love that their saddles are sold by trained saddle fitters who come to you and your horse to make a perfect fit for both. The quality of their products is outstanding and having a professional, trained saddle fitter is priceless. Good luck, happy riding!

  7. Marie-France E. Nolet says:

    I know how frustrating it is trying to find a dressage saddle for a Morgan. I ultimately found the best saddle fitter JRD-saddles. He fitted my Morgan perfectly. This horse unfortunately has passed away and I just consigned the saddle with Hobson’s Choice Saddlery in MA, 978 363-8881. Over the years I found that he knew exactly how to fit a Morgan.

    The saddle on consignment, JRD Accord, is extremely comfortable, 17.5 seat, in excellent condition.

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