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Hi, I have a mare that I would like to breed. She is a Promise, Beamington, and Superman bred mare and I would like to cross her to a Serenity or Flaire bred horse.┬áMy question is which would be better or is there any “loud” difference between the types? From what I’ve seen both cross very nicely I would just like to be sure because this cross is something I would like to keep. Thank you all for your input! If anyone thinks of any other crosses that might be nice I would love to know. Thanks!

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  1. jjoker says:

    I think you need to decide what the horses pupose is going to be, a show horse a weekend show horse or what ever then try an find that in your stalion. If you going to keep it look for the thing you like in a horse, doing what’s popular or fashionable is not always the way.
    If i were to bred one horse for all the marbles, french command perfect horse in my eyes.

  2. A.F. says:

    I am just in love with Beamington blood. Nearly 1/3 of my show string goes back to him, and thats by my choice. I have also been very impressed with the temperament on Special Agent’s get. If you are looking for great athleticism, and Beamington blood, look into Shanghai. I tend to not love the necks and cold jaws on some of the Flaire blood, and find them to often be inconsistent in work ethic from horse to horse. Of the Flaire stock, I like Issue’s and Answers blood the best.

  3. empressive says:

    I’m very sorry I did not explain myself correctly. This will be my first venture in breeding horses I have only bred dogs until now and I want this to be a good experiance. I am not worried about getting either a trail or show type I simply want something that is comformationally correct and has a good temperment. I do not want to experiment and I believe good judgement comes from wise council which is why I’am posting this whether it is a stupid idea or not. I have seen a few of the Flaire and Serenity cross to mares like mine online and their are a few I like. My choice isn’t concrete this is simply an avenue I am checking out. Thanks for everyones input! I greatly appreciate it. (hey! i had to rewrite this like 4 times because i amonline with my phone and writing this but every time i hit the clear button to delete a misspelled word it deletes the whole thing! still amazing though online with a phone. )

  4. colwilrin says:

    I have a Serenity gelding that I just bought this year. He is beginning his saddle training, so we are finding out a lot about his personality.

    One thing that I am very impressed with is his love of people. He is like a big dog. He wants to be around people 24/7. There is not a mean bone in this horse’s body. He does have a very strong “play” ethic, but learns quickly when he finally decides to dial in to work.

    I’m not sure how much of this is related to the Serenity side, as he is my first strong Serenity blooded horse. He has Topic on the bottom. However, my last three horses all were out of Topic daughters and each is very differnt. I think the Topic allows more of the sire’s side to come through, so I attribute the differences to the sire’s influence.

  5. evamorgan says:

    I have a mare with Promise and Beamington breeding behind her. We wanted to shorten her back a little and punch up her neck a bit. We decided to get some Pecos blood by way of White Rock’s Caliopy who is by the Pecos son Elm Hill Charter Oak with good solid government breeding on the bottom side.
    We are very pleased with the result!
    In breeding you have to be very honest about your mares good and bad points. Then try to find a stallion who can help improve her, and it isn’t always a “name” stallion that is your best bet. Talk to the breeders of horses you like and learn from them.

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