Admitting You Have A Problem Is The First Step…

Going to certain stores with my husband can be one of the painful things in my life.  If the car turns into a Home Depot or Lowe’s parking lot I always cringe because I know I am in for hours of walking up and down aisles looking at tools, wood, lightbulbs and bathroom fixtures.  It always amazes me that he can linger so long over bolts.  This always happens at camping stores, too.  We have so much camping stuff at our house that we now refer to the basement room that houses it all as the “Camp Store” (yes, it is that bad!).

I found out today that I have been “the pot calling the kettle black”.  A few months ago my daughter was in the car with me and I mentioned to her that I needed to run into the local Tractor Supply Store to buy some wormer.  Much to my surprise, she groaned with dismay and said that I always spend too much time in that store.  Me?  No, she must be mistaken.  I always just run in and grab what I need. 

We went in and, to prove her wrong, I quickly went directly to the horse wormer section and got what I needed.  Of course, on the way to the cash register, I also remembered that I NEEDED to look at grooming supplies, supplements, all the horse books and electric fence apparatus.  When we got back into the car, I said, “See?  Right in and right out.”  She just said, “Sure; right, mom.”  I just didn’t get it.

Today, when I went to our area tack store, all I needed was some fly spray and supplements.  I knew right where they were located so I went directly to the spot and picked the up.  I turned to go to the cash register only to stop, look around and think “There has got to be something else I NEED, here”.   I proceeded to walk slowly around the store looking at saddles that I will never need, clothes I would never wear and equipment that I have no idea how to use.  I even stopped to looked at the ugly used 1980′s show clothes on the consignment rack!  Even the wall of bits, with all their shiny shanks and mouth pieces kept me mesmerized. 

After I paid for my few items, I went to my car thinking that there HAD to be more things in that store for me; I should have looked around longer.  Finally, as I was driving home, my thoughts went back to the earlier discussion with my daughter and all those times I complained to my husband about all the time spent in his favorite stores…I was no better and had a terrible fixation on horse equipment and tack stores.

They say that admitting you have a problem is the first step…so here it goes…My name is BlackEyeBeth and I am a tack and horse supply store addict.   Are there any others out there?

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  1. denu220 says:

    Hah, hah—I LOVE the Tractor Supply Store!! They have such neat stuff besides the essentials—books, magazines, toys for big “children” (like us) and horses alike, clothing, boots, etc. Christmastime drives me nuts with Santa on tractors and horsey wrapping paper and on and on… The tack shop? Forget it! I have to remind myself about all the training-vetting-shoeing bills I have to pay periodically to keep myself reined in there… Talk about feeling like a kid in a candy store!! No Beth, you’re not alone…Count me among the addicts. Maybe we should form a shopper’s support group?! (And how about those guys and their TOOLS? It’s so true!!)

  2. colwilrin says:

    BEB…I too have sinned.

    My places of choice, besides our local tack shop are Ebay, and ALL show clothing websites.

    On the way home from buying a horse at the signature sale…I couldn’t control myself and swung off the thruway to our local tack shop to buy a new saddle…later that day the new halter was ordered.

    I am so bad. I already have at least 15 different western tops, but I still check the sites several times each day…and in the last month have bought 2 more outfits for a horse that I am only scheduled to ride another 8 times this year, and I still haven’t worn the 3 outfits that I bought last year.

    My name is Kathy, and I am an equine shopaholic…and Lord help me…OKC is coming!!!

  3. ErikaRose says:

    I too have a huge addiction to anything I can buy that is horse related. I even check out a few classified add sites daily, even though I haven’t been looking for a horse in years!

    I decided to tackle my sliming down the number show clothes I had this spring. 4 years ago I sold everything but 2 suits (suit & tux), 2 vests, 2 shirts, 1 dressage outfit, 1 hunt jacket, 2 pairs of breeches, 2 hunt shirts, and 1 pair of tall boots.

    Well….now I had 7 suits (incl. 1 tux), 12 shirts, 8 vests, 1 complete western outfit, 1 complete dressage outfit, 6 pairs of breeches, 2 hunt jackets, 3 pairs of tall boots, and 5 hunt shirts. Then I realized oh yeah, I had to make room so that they could have their own closet….that should have been the first sign :)

    I will admit that my problem with clothes is if I see a good deal on Ebay or somewhere else I just can’t justify turning it down when I know how much it costs to be made :-)

  4. ErikaRose says:

    whoa I really messed up that one paragraph lol! I mean to say “I decided to slim down the number of show clothes I had this spring”

  5. Black Eye Beth says:

    I do the classified Ads thing, too! Why, I don’t know…Heaven knows I don’t need a “Like New” 1970′s single axle trailer, or a “Friendly” kid’s pony that needs an “intermediate rider”. Yet, everytime the local papers come, I turn right to those sections.

    I think it is a sickness!

  6. denu220 says:

    Yeah, but it’s not the worst sickness we could have… (>>>>as long as we keep it in check). Consider this: the HOLIDAYS are coming!!!!!!! Save those spontaneous buckaroos so good old Saint Nick (or whomever) can come to town this year :)

  7. jns767 says:

    I completely relate to this – I don’t even own a horse and will spend hours in the tack store buying stuff for my trainer’s horses – it’s bad.

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