Oklahoma City Hotels

A little bird told me (via email–really smart bird!) that priceline.com has some good deals for hotels in OKC during the time of the Grand Nationals.  I, personally, have never used priceline.com but plan on checking it out once my plans are finalized.  I usually stay at the Candlewood Suites as they allow pets, have a little food pantry, laundry and REALLY comfy beds.

Just thought I’d pass that along. 

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  1. Amanda says:

    Price line also has some great deals on car rentals, I was able to get my car rental for $12.00 a day wed thru sunday.

  2. ApplewayFarm says:

    Just FYI, I called one hotel and as indicated in the show program, asked for the “horse show” rate. Luckily I was on-line at the time and the rate for the same room with my AAA discount was 15.00 per night cheaper than the horse show rate I was quoted on the phone. Needless to say I used the AAA rate!

  3. Merlcann08 says:

    I also heard that the Residence Inn has extensive fire damage.

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