Wish I could have been there!

I read that Judy Whitney Harris returned to the show ring.  She showed a 2 year old Jr. Park Harness Mare at the Kentucky State Fair Morgan Show and won her class. 

Welcome back Judy!!!

BTW…when we talked to Ernesto at Gold Cup, he said that he had a spectacular 2 year old mare, but left her at home.  He said that Judy insisted he not bring her out because “She’s mine”!  Looks like Judy got that mare out!

Does anyone know who the photographer is for that show?  I’d love to see the proofs.

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  1. colwilrin says:


    I just went and looked at the proofs.

    (Val Web Creations)

    She drove the class one handed!

    If any of you are old enough to remember Wayne’s World on SNL…”I’m not worthy”!

  2. Sue Caisse says:

    Howie Schatzberg is the photographer at the Kentucky State Fair

  3. Sue Caisse says:

    I am sorry but Howie does not start at the fair until sunday August 17. I have called my daughter to find out who is taking pictures now. When I find out I will email you all
    Sue caise

  4. colwilrin says:


    It is Val Web Creations…I googled the prize list and found it.

    Go on their website…click photographs…click Kentucky State Fair Morgan Horse show…you get thumbnails…the middle one is Kentucky State Fair…click that…more thumbnails….go down to class 56 (I think)…Jr. Park Harness…it is in the right hand column about 10 rows or so down. Click that thumbnail and you will get the class proofs.

  5. amie9191 says:

    She looked awesome!

    GO JUDY!

  6. erikarose says:

    If any of you are old enough to remember Wayne’s World on SNL…”I’m not worthy”!

    That is how I feel everytime I see her! Back in ’03 (?) When they did the presentation of champions at OKC I was walking around with a friend who knew her and we stopped by the stalls to see if we could say hi to “Billy” and I couldn’t mutter a word! She’s such an idol. Congrats to her! She’s got the whole Morgan community pulling for her as always.

  7. jjoker says:

    THANK YOU MY QUEEN, i was in okc the year she was reserve park with bell flaire and as i walked by i kept thinking of what could i say. Well by the time i got there it was crowded so i decided to try and take picture of her and as i did she looked up and called me over and had someone take 3 pictures of us. the 3rd one she decided i was much to tall so she sat me down and she sat on my knee. To thimk, while all that was going on she took the time to do what she did. When we were done i gave her a hug and said thank you my queen and that how i have addressed here ever since.
    How can you not like a person like that.

  8. ErikaRose says:

    I was with a kid that is a few years younger then me, and he just waltzed right up to her and asked to say hi to Billy, she smilled and laughed and said “Oh (kids name) for you, you can do anything you like” and she pointed the way to his stall. I am just so happy for her.

  9. jjoker says:

    I can’t find it, all i see is 2007

  10. Sue Caisse says:

    They even announced at the Massachusetts Morgan Show that she she was back in the ring showing a park harness horse. What an impact this lady has had on the horse industry. She has always been a lady that we have all respected and will continue to as she takes these giant steps forward.

  11. jyn says:

    Miss Judy has no equal. Her husband Bob Whitney and her together had no equal either. I have lost count how many World titles they have won but I think it close to 300. And always with class and never letting it all go to her head. Always friendly and nice to everyone, never acting like she was” world class” or better than everyone else the way some trainers act.And Her and Don are a match made in heaven as well. She had to make a come back. Its who she is. Always a role model and a lesson in living ones life. I agree Hail to the Queen.

  12. LIZ says:

    Judy is truly an inspiration for all of us. I feel so lucky to have been able to show with her and speak with her. I teach therapuetic riding and have had some of my students tell me they can’t ride saddleseat or drive because they only have use of one arm…now they have no excuses for I will show them Judy’s pictures. You are a hero to many Judy….God Bless!

  13. Windenhill says:

    I will never forget many years ago, I was showing Thunderbay at Jubilee in the Open English Pleasure Championship. I was so awestruck because Judy was in there and so was Phil Price, two people I had idolized growing up. As we pulled into the line up, Judy pulled up next to me and I looked over at her and my eyes were drawn down to her WHITE TENNIS SHOES! For a second, I thought perhaps she’d hurt her ankle or foot and couldn’t wear her jod boots. It was quite a striking look with her midnight blue tuxedo.

    So, of course I made some comment to her about her not quite so traditional footwear, and the look on her face was priceless. She obviously had not intended to wear her tennis shoes with her tux. Turned out she had just forgotten to change her shoes before she got on the horse. We were both laughing so hard in the line-up, I thought we were going to fall off our horses. It was icing on the cake when I was called out for Grand Champion. Sometimes when I see her in her suit getting ready to ride at shows, I ask her what shoes she’s going to wear for her class and we always have another chuckle.

  14. denu220 says:

    WOW!!!! She’s back!! I’m so glad to see Judy showing again and doing so successfully! I wouldn’t put it past her to ride one-handed next—it’s been done before. She’s truly amazing and looks great especially after all she’s been through.

    >>>> Freedom Hall looks really eerie all empty and brown… We know how packed it is this week and covered in green shavings! The place just looks so lonely without those Saddlebreds…

  15. evamorgan says:

    I never doubted for a minute that she would be back showing. Somebody recently commented to me that she would never be 100%, I said Judy at 10% is better than most of us at our 100%!
    Bet she is one happy lady after last week, I know I am happy for her,

  16. bella92290 says:

    denuzzo, email me at horseluva90@hotmail.com, I went looking for you at Mass but I had missed you, you had gone home =(

  17. denu220 says:

    Check your hotmail, “Bella.”

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