Sport horse inhand classes at okc

I was just wondering how anyone feels about offering Sport horse inhand classes at Okc. We have them at our shows on the west coast and at our reg 8 far west.I think it would be a good idea to show case our Western and hunt

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  1. colwilrin says:

    I was actually surprised to find that they were not offered.

    It would be something I would support.

  2. amie9191 says:

    I think that rules would have to be established for the division. At this time I don’t recall ever reading a rule that says a western/hunter horse in hand must show under saddle in that same division at the show (anybody know if this is in fact a current rule?)

    Honestly though, I think good conformation is good conformation no matter the division and the horses that are put together well normally preform and place high in their classes. Take as an example Trebles Tanqueray and Gradell Ring My Bell…..both had successful in hand careers and now are in their respected divisions and doing great.

  3. suziep says:

    I agree with amie9191 about Trebles Tanqueray.
    Sport horse classes have a pattern that they do in a class. you want them to come in the class not all hype up . There is rules on this
    UFSA and Morgan Horse Rules

  4. Teresa says:

    Maine Morgan’s sport horse in-hand division runs in the traditional sport horse manner – horses are presented on a triangle. The judge can really see how correctly a horse is moving. I love this format. It’s also a great workout! I’d love to see this style of presentation added at all Morgan shows that have a sport division.

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