New Poll-The OKC Judges Panel

Given the extreme negative response to the judging at New England this year, I was wondering what people think about the OKC panel slated for this October.  Do you think the overall judging will be fair and impartial or are you concerned that it will be a political mess? 

**Last weeks poll was pretty evenly split between those who wouldn’t pay to be in the ring for a class and those who would.  Of the people who would pay to participate in such a program, most would pay under the price of an entry fee.  We may be onto something here.  I think a program like this would be very popular.

2 Responses to New Poll-The OKC Judges Panel

  1. anonymous says:

    I am VERY excited for this year’s OKC judging panel…I think they’ll be fantastic =]

  2. jjoker says:

    i think on average the cream rises to the top. 1 judge or 3 it doesn’t matter there will be good and bad calls as every year, it just depends on who gets the calls, that will decide good or bad judges. okc is what it is, i found the judges seem to get on the same page by the end of the week. Which strikes me odd, i think were all in agreement the classes are deep so why is there so many unanmous calls i do not like that. It should be for that special that is head and shoulders above the rest. I think it is sad because it saying to everyone else your horse is aweful and three judges say so. I don’t mean to take away from these great horses but wouldn’t you rather know you were in a dog fight and won.

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