Did You Know??

Every year the show arena at the New England Regional is built and then torn down.  I don’t have pictures or video of what it looks like before they start setting up, but I met someone who does.  I asked her to post some of the pictures, but maybe she hasn’t figured out how to do that yet.  I would love to see them.

What I do have is video of the big machines clearing the footing out of the arena.  Every year the footing is purchased by an exhibitor and used in their arena at home.  This year it was Sebring Stables.  This may not be of much interest to many of you, but I am just fascinated by the BIG machines.

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/25stm8TT3tI" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

7 Responses to Did You Know??

  1. jjoker says:

    Harry gets it every year.

  2. Mocha Mom says:

    I had heard that before too, but according to his wife, it’s not true. It makes me wonder what else we “hear”, is not quite true.

  3. bella92290 says:

    It is amazing how things are heard and repeated….once at a work seminar they lined up 6 people, told the 1st one a sentence who said it to the 2nd and so on, by the time it got to the 6th person it was AMAZING how different it was from what was said.

  4. KarenL says:

    Ah, the old game of “telephone”. About 3 weeks ago we had a big storm w/ straight line winds of 80+mph hit the farm. Lots of old trees down, fence flattened, calf hutches blown all around; we did lose 2 calves in the fray. The next day, an employee of the farm overheard the convenience store clerk talking about the damage at the farm— it had grown to 18 calves dead plus we had to shoot one horse. (NO!!!) Question everything! :)

  5. jjoker says:

    Sorry to hear about the horse, it must have been tough to shoot him. ha ha ha !
    point taken.

  6. GoodLookinGal says:

    hahaha…. and the way we horse people love to have the latest scoop– no wonder we all get so turned around! i once had a neighbors horse show up on my lawn after it had been chased by a random dog. within a day or two, it was my horse that had been run down by coyotes before being hit by a train. okay– so i made the train part up, but adds to the story, so pass that along too, while we’re at it! ;-)

  7. colwilrin says:

    I know some people that make up stories about themselves, just to see how far it will go in the Morgan world. A certain trainer (who must have been really bored at the time) had a laugh a few years ago by starting a very nasty rumor about their own personal life and watching the gossip fly through the ranks. Just proves the point to not believe everything you hear. The juiciest stuff may just be someone looking for a little fun!

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