The Mission of

Over the last two weeks I have been thrilled by the amount of discussion and idea exchange that has been taking place on   People have participated in record numbers and I really appreciate it. 

As we all know, New England and its judging has been a hot topic here and with it there has been many people voicing their opinions and frustrations.   The ability for people to have free speech here, I believe, is important so I do not take an active role in “policing” what it said.   However, I have been slightly disturbed by some of the posts that border on “bashing”.  Please be cognizant that there are many, many people that are reading your comments and posts, including junior exhibitors, amateurs and people that are not necessarily involved in the Morgan breed.  The mission of is to be a positive force in the Morgan Show world.  Voicing frustration and concern is important but finding constructive solution to the problems we face is something I would like for this site to strive toward.  

Many people have commented to me and others that they like because it is a positive place to participate.  Please try to keep it that way and, as a community, work together to keep negativity at bay.

 (I will get off my soap box now!!!–BEB)

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