New Poll-A View From Inside the Ring

The idea of allowing exhibitors and non-judge individuals the opportunity to watch a class from inside the ring was suggested in the post, “Morgan Horse Show Judging-What Are YOU Willing To Do? ”.  A viewer emailed and suggest the new poll to find out if others would be interested in doing that and what amount they would be willing to pay to participate in such a program. 

Let us know what you think by voting and/or commenting on this post.

3 Responses to New Poll-A View From Inside the Ring

  1. Jan says:

    Several years back, Indiana All Morgan offered the opportunity to “judge” along with the judge for $5.00 a class. I chose Ladies English Pleasure and a driving class and BOY!…did I learn alot from Judge Gerry Rushton in just those 2 classes. We DID see a whole lot, the audience likely didn’t see and where did that extra horse in the line-up come from, that I NEVER saw?…..I was pleased my choices matched his, for the most part—but he could explain why and how a particular horse looked good or not so good. his was one of my favorite horse show moments and would like to do it again anytime I have the chance. It gave me a much fuller appreciation for the difficulties of the job and also, an understanding of how much I really don’t know or see as a spectator.

  2. erikarose says:

    I would love love love to do this. Actually I would probably be the annoying girl who signed up for every class she possible could.

    I at some point in my life want to become a judge. I’m still young, and have only been in the horse world for 9 years, Morgan world for 7yrs, so until I feel comfortable enough with making the final decision I want to learn and watch as much as I can.

    I think this is the perfect opportunity to get younger people more involved, and a great teaching opportunity.

  3. bella92290 says:

    This, for me would be a grand idea, I would be able to learn and have a ton of fun!

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