Behind the scenes at the 2008 New England Morgan Horse Show

This video was shot from inside the outdoor show ring at the 2008 New England show on Friday morning.  I chatted with one of the hard-working crewmen who was trying to get the ring ready for horses and exhibitors, accompanied by his equally hard-working assistant.  This will give you an idea of the challenges posed by the weather and the lengths that Fred Nava and the show committee went to in order to make it possible to finish the show outdoors.

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While visiting with Glen and Shotgun I was also told the story behind the signs hung on the roofs of the box seats.  During last year’s show the power went out all over the grounds.  As I recall, that incident was not weather related.  Not knowing how long it would take to restore power, portable lights were brought to the ring so that the evening session could finish.  As a result, the show incurred $130,000 of debt!!  The signs were hung to acknowledge and thank the generous people and businesses (and one horse) that made donations to retire the debt.  Perhaps Black Eye Beth can find the video clip that shows the signs and add it to this post.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    $130,000 for portable lights for one night. sounds like price gouging to me.

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