New Category-”Everything Oklahoma”

Now that the Grand Nationals are only 2 months away (time goes quickly, doesn’t it), I think it is time for a new category for all things “Oklahoma”.  Please feel free to post any information you may have (hotels, restaurants, facility news, show news…) or, if you are new to this show, post any questions you might like to have answered.   I am sure if you have a question somebody here can answer it or find the answer quickly.

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  1. ErikaRose says:

    If you want to experience OKC nightlight you have to go to Club Rodeo and see the live bull riding. I went last year, the club is huge and indoor bull riding attracts tons of people.

  2. ErikaRose says:

    night life*

  3. Jenny Van Oel says:

    I’m nerdy and I bought my airline tickets back in November anticipating I would be able to go to the nationals this year! I can’t belive it’s only two months away! I’m so excited!!!

  4. Hahahaha— Club Rodeo with you Erika, was one of the most fun things I have ever done. I really thought the bull riding everyone was talking about meant a mechanical bull…. Imagine my surprise!!

  5. colwilrin says:

    Erika and Alicia,

    Let me know when you are going this year. I’ve been wanting to go see the bull riding for a few years now, but haven’t gotten around to it. Maybe we can have an “above level” field trip to Club Rodeo…anyone else in?

  6. Amanda says:

    You can def. count me in. I love club Rodeo, we had a great time last year

  7. Amanda says:

    Also the Japanese Steak house accross the street from the fairgrounds entrance is EXCELLENT!

  8. It looks like I am going solo and with only one horse, so I am pretty sure I will have plenty of free time to socialize! Also, anyone needing help at the show, I will be available to work as well as whoop it up!

  9. jjoker says:

    OK night life crew. in the day time drive threw the city it’s really is nice. Don’t mean to be a downer but the park they built where the building was blown up in 1995 is really special.
    Sorry just wanted to say that, on a more up beat note the cole gardens across from the cowboy hall of fame neat.

  10. ErikaRose says:

    I haven’t been to the memorial yet, but know a few people who have gone and said it’s a beautiful tribute. My parents went to the gardens and left with two rolls of film lol, and the zoo is pretty nice too.

    It looks like I’m not going this year though! I’m so bummed!

  11. colwilrin says:

    We got to finally do the memorial last year. It was so powerful. When you first walk in the entrance, you can actually feel energy. It can be a bit overwhelming, but I am so glad I went.

    PS…think about bringing along a little something to hang on the fence. My friend just happened to have a Saint’s medal with her. We placed it by pictures of two children that were victims of the bombing. It felt good to leave a little something of ourselves, in memory of others.

  12. amie9191 says:

    Erika you aren’t going to Nationals this year?

  13. jjoker says:

    I also went inside and didn’t last very long. i probably have never been so shaken in my life, i just didn’t have the strength to continue. one day soon i will go back and finish the tour, i owe it to myself and the people that died. Everyone should try and go if they have not, it really puts things in perspective.
    Now to all those lucky people that gets to go to the big dance have FUN! and good luck.

  14. The Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial is just incredible. There is one room with a picture of every person who was lost on that horrible day, and in front of the picture is a small clear shelf. Every family member was offered the opportunity to place a personal item on that shelf. Some did, and some did not. There was a photo of a smiling toddler, and on his shelf, his mother had left his pacifier. I don’t think there was anyone in that room with me who was NOT crying. Amazing place…

    Cowboy Hall of Fame— wicked cool! Loved it!

    Didn’t know about the gardens– will try that this year!


  15. LIZ says:

    Hi Alicia ,,,I saw that you would be willing to lend a hand if needed? Are you available for the stallion in hand class?

  16. Let me check my schedule– I am ending up taking two, and I know they both go the first and last saturdays. Let me see where they fall in relation to the stallions. I don’t even know what day they compete on! :-) Will get back to you by the end of the day. Thanks! ~Alicia

  17. anonymous says:

    wow OKC is only a month away! so exciting!

  18. kmk93 says:

    i know! i cannot wait! ;-)

  19. Stacy says:

    Well Alica, feel free to come over if you get bored:) We’re taking 28 as of right…we’ll put you to work! hahaha…

  20. Are you kidding me, Stacy! I’d be happy as a clam! Though judging by your horses’ turn out, I am sure your grooms work very, very hard! I will definitely drift your way to check in. If there is any day in particular you need help, let me know! I know the first Saturday and Friday I have both of the girls going, but other than that, it is one horse or no horse each day. I see OC is entered! Woohoo!

  21. colwilrin says:

    Is OC riding or driving? I just LOVE that horse. What an awesome thrill it must be to show him! Hey… I want to change my Million Dollar horse vote to OC.

  22. Hahaha— I too think that OC is just a fabulous animal. I have a mare in mind for him when she is ready to begin her breeding career. He is just fabulous regardless of what or how he shows. :-)

  23. Erika Rose says:

    Agreed….just a super super cool horse! That neck kills me! He’s so gifted.

  24. empressive says:

    oh! I hope you all have a wonderful, grand time! If any of you were in CA I would stowaway but school started and this is my last year plus I’m homeschooled have to do really well! Anyway, whoop and holler a little louder for me! Good luck everyone and have God’s travelling mercies.

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