Footwear at New England

So I’m still getting my life reorganized after returning from New England. I would have liked to have posted from the show, but then I would have missed so much. I wanted everyone to see some of the footwear that was on parade last week. As you might imagine, most of it was muckboots, but you have never seen such beautiful boots! I found that the footwear was an indication of not only the weather, but also an indication of some of the activities. You’ll understand when you look at the pictures.

The End :-)

3 Responses to Footwear at New England

  1. amie9191 says:

    LOL I love it!

  2. hrhirene says:

    LOL awesome! Most people from my barn were rockin’ the gorgeous boots all week :)

  3. Anonymous says:

    I had two sets of shoes that I wore at NE, My rain boots that were very similar to ones posted and my flip flops…. LOL

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