Trainers who judge

Since many judges are trainers, would a trainer’s poor performance as a judge alter your decision to bring your horses to that person for training?

Would it change your opinion on how much they really knew about training a horse to perform properly?

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  1. Absolutely.
    I look for the same qualities in a judge that I suppose I would look for in a trainer. I want someone honest, clear about their goals and ideals, able to handle their surroundings and circumstances with discretion and flexibility, and most importantly, someone who I can trust to make the best decision possible on my behalf. I can handle a judge who I disagree with very easily so long as what they are pinning for and against remains consistent. To me these are qualities that go with a person’s character, not their job title.

  2. evamorgan says:

    Very well put Alicia.
    I was very dissapointed in the judging at New England this year.
    Especially when there was such good quality in all the divisioons there was no need to pin horses that had clear and obvious mistakes.

  3. denu220 says:

    About ten years ago, I had one of my horses in training with a very famous—and very controversial—judge/trainer. Regardless of what people did or didn’t think of him as a judge (and he did plenty of grand nationals), he was a fabulous trainer for my horse. So I guess the two don’t necessarily have to go hand in hand… Sometimes situations— especially with horses— need to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

  4. jjoker says:

    I have know problem with a judge that doesn’t like the way my horses go as long as every class is pinned that way. I think a good trainer is a good trainer and know matter how he judged a class i would send my horse.

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