New England Saturday Results-Not Posted Yet

I haven’t received the results yet from the show secretary.  I am sure things have been very hectic for her this week and she will get them to me as soon as she can.   I will get them up as soon as I get them from her.  Please check back later today. 

I can tell you that the Amateur Park Saddle Championship was won by Lamborgini in Black (ridden by Dr. Grace Steere) and the Park Saddle Open Championship was won by Vibrance (ridden by Jenny Taylor).

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  1. hrhirene says:

    For those of you interested in the hunters MEM Bailamos with Keely Sogoloff won the East Coast Hunter Pleasure Championship. Gradell Ring My Bell and Kathy Peeples were Reserve, and RJMF The Great Bambino was 3rd, I believe.

  2. Don’t stress too much about the results…. most horses didn’t show back because the judging was so atrocious. Several barns even left on Friday because so many good horses with great performances were getting the wrong prize. Very poor, unfortunately.

  3. colwilrin says:

    I followed on the computer via the proofs at Shiflet’s website and the show results posted here.

    I know that I couldn’t see the actual mistakes, and movement. But by knowing many of the horses from past shows and looking at the proofs, there were quite a few classes that I just didn’t get.

    Halter you can tell much more from the proofs…and (IMO) I was surprised to see young horses with bad croups, shoe box heads, and/or ewe necks getting pinned high.

    Again, I wasn’t there…so maybe my impressions are incorrect.

  4. Black Eye Beth says:

    As of Monday AM at 10:00 I still haven’t gotten the results to post yet. Please hang with me and check back later!

  5. Anonymous says:

    It’s nice to see that other people are agreeing about the judging. It was absolutely aweful. It’s very frustrating at any show when that happens but New England is such a prestigious show and one that so many people look forward to. It seemed that this judge pinned big names over good performances. It not only made it frustrating as a competitor, it made also made being a spectator less enjoyable.

  6. GoodLookinGal says:

    I just started a post to discuss the judging at new england. I think many of us need to vent about it. i paid too much money to not at least be able to discuss the screw-jobs after the fact.

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