If You Had Million Dollars…

So now that New England is over and the show season is at least half over, I have a question for you all:

 If you won the lottery and could buy ANY horse and call it your own (Morgan horse, that is), who would YOU pick?  You can only choose one and it has to be presently showing (tough decision, I know). 

Tell us who your favorite is and why!

32 Responses to If You Had Million Dollars…

  1. Peppermintpatti says:

    I will be the first to post and must say Graycliff Tony. The first time I saw him at Nationals last year, I was in love. He moves with such balance and is just beautiful.

  2. colwilrin says:

    BKC Valiant Star…with Graycliff Tony close second.

  3. Anonymous says:

    JDS paladin pazzaz

    he is just sooo pretty

  4. Mocha Mom says:

    Treble’s First Take, because she is so feminine and talented.

  5. Banbury says:

    Get Busy…what a fun ride he looks to be!

  6. BNL says:

    If I had a million dollars, I’d buy you a green dress (but not a real green dress – that’s cruel).

  7. Black Eye Beth says:

    Very funny, BNL…would you eat “Kraft Dinner” too????

  8. Anonymous says:

    MEM Bonnie Blue…so gifted.

  9. ErikaRose says:

    SYP high Definition…after NE this year he has me 100% sold….

    now the one I would really want hasn’t shown in a few years

  10. Morgan Manfreda says:

    Better In Black, such a fabulous hunter

  11. hrhirene says:

    Stand and Deliver. That talent, those legs, and his sweet personality! And what a rush he must be to ride ;)

    MEM Triple Sec. I really like him as a junior hunter.

  12. Black Eye Beth says:

    ErikaRose, who is it that you REALLY want? Just curious…

  13. Laine says:

    without question in a second…Lamborghini in Black, his go at New England was amazing, he was smiling, Grace was smiling…I bet even for a million she wouldn’t sell him…I know I wouldn’t! But I would offer her a million for just one ride!

  14. MEM Bonnie Blue. Athletic, beautiful, and a little squirrelly, just the way I like em!!

    Treble’s First Take would be my second choice. She’d have won the Amateur Championship on my card.

  15. Dawn Fire says:

    I would buy JW That Special Flaire. I think he is so gifted. It would be a blast to ride him and I love that he is so orange. It cracks me up.

    Thanks to everyone who chose my girl, Treble’s First Take aka Jessica!!

  16. JK says:

    I’d pick Stand and Deliver. I think he’s beautiful and very talented!

  17. denu220 says:

    I’d take Lamborghini in Black—he’s just so exquisite! I love the way he carries himself and looks at the audience as if to say, “I know I’m a star!”

  18. Anonymous says:

    Probably Gradell’s Ring My Bell. That horse is great, nicer than Bailamos I think.

  19. ErikaRose says:

    Beth…I really want Kim’s Bellegante (Definitions dam)…she doesn’t just look elegant to me, she looks classy and like she has heart.

    Dawn, Congrats on your rides at NE with Jessica! She is another mare that exudes class and quality.

  20. colwilrin says:

    I love that horse too. When I first saw him as a three year old, my jaw just dropped. He is a total package with the most beautiful head and neck. He convinced me to look for my own hunt prospect to try (after nearly 30 years away from a hunt saddle!)

    Great pick!

    Dawn…I love your mare too! When I saw her at Gold Cup, I thought you made an exquisite team. She looks very happy in the bridle and you complement each other very well.

  21. denu220 says:

    Congratulations, Dawn! You did a fine job, as always…

  22. ErikaRose says:

    hrhirene, Stilts foals seem to be just as sweet as he is, with his talents too. Our 3yr old filly by him is as sweet as they come and can trot up a storm.

  23. Bananas says:

    I might skip the horse and buy a covered roof for the infield and an attached covered roof for a warm up area, with giant sump pumps in the middle ….nice compfy cozie seats in the grandstand for all to watch the show in comfort
    12/7…..long over due……maybe web cast the show too!!!!

  24. anonymous says:

    stand and deliver for sure! So beautiful and soooo typey

  25. Anonymous says:

    My first choice would be Bellerophon, he is incredible. I also would love to have Dragonsmede Fusion or Signed Sealed Delivered.

  26. mickeymouse795 says:

    i would probably take JW That Special Flaire. Every time he goes in the ring he just shows up and seems to give everything he has. i also love how he seems to play off the crowd. hes such a talented horse!

  27. hrhirene says:

    Erika – Somehow I am not surprised. He is such a cool horse!

  28. jjoker says:

    STAND AND DELIVER! walking away. i’ve seen him once in person at n.e. when he won then last year at okc on the computer. He might be the best i’ve ever seen under saddle !?!? he is perfect back and front.
    I don’t mind david won it was there day but can you honestly tell me out of three judges not a 1st place vote. OK i’m a little of topic
    i just think he’s the man.
    ok not the best COURAGEOUS i think still owns the crown of best, till some one can take it.

  29. cieje says:

    No doubt, Graycliff Miss Liberty. What an amazing mare!! There is no other horse in the hunter division today that can touch her.

  30. jns767 says:

    Centerpiece- he is fannnntastic!

  31. Anonymous says:

    SYP High Definition, he gives me goosebumps when he shows in hand and I think he would be a killer park saddle horse.

  32. Rhizzo says:

    I would have to say “Whispering About Me” she is an awesome park harness mare.

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