Friday Update from New England

It’s official!  We are back outside in the sun, with a great breeze and some lemonade on the rocks.  I got this from the horses mouth, literally, mine as my daughter showed him in the 2nd class in at 9am and we have been outside all day. I would not trade this show for much, the highs far out weigh the lows in my opinion.  Hope everyone is having a fabulous show!

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  1. Black Eye Beth says:

    That must be so much nicer for everybody and the horses. That indoor can get a little stuffy! Good luck on the rest of the show and thanks for the update.

  2. jdenzel says:

    My daughter showed in a class yesterday with 24 horses. It got rather crowded in the indoor arena. Glad it is all back outside.

  3. bella92290 says:

    Your daughter showed in a class in the indoor arena yesterday of 22 of which she won!! Congrats! My daughter placed 8th. Those kids rode for their lives in that ring.

  4. jdenzel says:

    Thank you! She is still soaring from that ride! She has waited for this season for many years. This is her first trip to New England and getting the Chamnpionship was definitely the cherry on the ice cream!

  5. jdenzel says:

    To bell92290 – CONGRATAS to your daughter! Placing in that class deserves huge kudos! I heard many say that it was amazing how they maneuvered around each other. Next year I will definitely be at New England!

  6. Black Eye Beth says:

    Congrats to both your daughters! Sounds like getting through the class was a major feat but winning and placing must have sent them into cloud 9.
    Maybe we need to have a Proud Parents Category where we can all be proud of our kids? I know that even when my daughter places in one of her academy classes or hits a new milestone during a lesson, I am so proud of her. Do any of you Moms and Dads think that sounds like a good idea?

  7. bella92290 says:

    Thank you girls. Those kids road for guts let me tell you, and this Mom road every step of the way. And amen no one was hurt. I think a Proud Parents section would be awesome. JD I look forward to meeting you in person next year, and we can hold our breath the whole class together!

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