Wednesday AM Update for New England

I received an email from Linda Burke, Show Secretary, and the classes from last night’s cancelled evening session were started this morning at 8am.  Results for those will be included with tomorrow mornings report.  For the Morning and Afternoon sessions results go to the “New England Results” post.  I updated them this morning.

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  1. KarenL says:

    While I’m always a little wistful to not be at NE each year, I’m generally reminded of why getting to show there becomes lower on my priority list every year. The high-highs there are great, but the low-lows are the worst!! Best of luck to all of you, inflate those water-wings.

  2. mydoglovesme says:

    Hello All! Just heard they ran the canceled session in the indoor and ran the regular scheduled classes in the outdoor ring. Did they have one judge stay in each place and the third one rotate? Did one judge adjudicate in each ring in whatever classes happened to be scheduled? How did they manage the simultaneous running of the classes if that was indeed the case? Anyone out there know?

  3. Black Eye Beth says:

    I was sort of wondering how they were running all the sessions myself. Bella, any chance you can field this?

  4. Black Eye Beth says:

    I just talked to somebody that called someone and got the scoop…They are running ALL the classes indoors until probably Friday. They are hoping that it dries up enough by then. They ran last night’s session starting at 8am then took a 1/2 break and ran the Wed. Morning session. They were able to get all those classes done in time to start the afternoon session at 1pm. (Please comment if I got any of that wrong…I didn’t have a pen near me)

    Apparently it has been so bad that people are sand bagging to hold the water back! Sounds like it is wicked crazy.

    I also heard that there were 17 horses in one of the English Pleasure Classes(Geldings, I believe…I didn’t write it down either). When I heard “There were 17 horse” at the start of the sentence, I was sure it would be followed by “Hunter”…good to see a saddle seat class with high numbers!

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