New Poll-How Do You Decide What Shows To Attend?

The new poll for this week is up.  A fellow Above Level viewer suggested finding out how Morgan people decide what shows to attend during the season.  Given the discussion on the blog of people choosing to attend or not to attend the New England show, I thought this would be a good time to post this question.

So, let us know how you decide where to show.  Maybe some of the input will be helpful to show committees looking for suggestions to improve their shows for 2009.

Last Week’s Poll Results

The last poll seems to indicate that the show photographers don’t have a whole lot to worry about at this point.  The poll results are listed below and 99% of people that responded do buy photos from the show photographer during the show season.

Total Votes: 68
Only if outstanding photo – 49% (33 votes)
Every Show – 21% (14 votes)
Sometimes – 16% (11 votes)
Only if I win – 13% (9 votes)
Never, too expensive – 1% (1 vote)

The forums indicate that there are more commercial photographers outside the rail of the Saddlebred shows, giving exhibitors the ability to purchase quality photos not taken by the official show photographer.  It will be interesting to see if this trend is seen in the future at Morgan shows.  I found the discussion generated here to be very interesting. Thanks to everyone who responded!

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