Hunter Full/Double Bridle Question: Judge 2 Answers

Here is a second Judges answer to the Hunter Full/Double Bridle Question:


Back when I was little & in walk-trot, a bridle was a bridle. But now I am starting to notice more things. Lately I have noticed that 90% of the hunters use a double/full bridle. I always thought they were for saddle seat or high levels of dressage! I guess not. I do think that it would give you more control of the head.

I have been using a pelham in hunt seat equitation. But as a judge, which do you prefer? Do you think a full bridle is too much? I have no clue.

Judge 2:

This is a fully acceptable bridle for the Morgan hunter to wear. When finished properly it allows the horse to be soft and carry the head in a comfortable position.  Excessive length of curb should be penalized, IMO, as it shows the horse is not accepting to the job at hand. 
A pelham is also an acceptable bridle and if your horse is most comfortable wearing this then that is what you should use.  As a judge it does not have any bearing on my placement of the class especially in equitation where you are judging the rider, not the horse.

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