New Poll-Do You Purchase Show Photos?

The new poll is up  regarding whether you all purchase show photos from the official show photographer.  This was a hard one to word, since there are so many aspects to this decision.  Please comment on this post to let us know why or why not. 

One thing that I have found, and that has been brought up in the comments to the post “Photography Controversy“, is the fact that although many of the pictures are great, they all start looking the same show after show.  Also, with the cost of show expenses creeping up, pictures are sometimes the first things to “go”.

5 Responses to New Poll-Do You Purchase Show Photos?

  1. Peppermintpatti says:

    I always purchase the show pics and appreciate them capturing the
    “moments”. Actually, I buy more than one because I just can’t decide. This year I have purchased from Howie, Debbie and Casey and they all have different look. I am not handy with a camera and want to watch the class, not spent it trying to take good pics. Thanks and I love your site!

  2. bks015 says:

    I always purchase the show photos, not necessarily from every class but at least from every horse show. I like to have something tangible by which to remember it and also, the standard in-ring show photo can serve as a means of comparison for myself. But I have to say my absolute favorite pictures are always the over-the-rail photos and other candids.

  3. Jan L says:

    I think our “pros’ do a good job of putting a new and different twist on photos. Last year at OKC, Howie offered a montage of choice photos on one large page and this was very clever. I bought it! It’s a memory and something you can’t go back and get for the most part. I liked watching the photos of my kids change through the years and doing, “remember when….” Jan

  4. Mocha Mom says:

    I buy photos when either there is an outstanding picture or I want to advertise. Sometimes I end up buying less-than-outstanding pictures for the ads. Therefore, I would appreciate competition resulting in lower prices when I have to buy the less-than-outstanding shots.

  5. love-equitation says:

    I don’t buy one from every show, but if I happen to win & get a good victory pass picture, I’ll get it :]

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