Double/Full Bridle In Hunter

Back when I was little & in walk-trot, a bridle was a bridle. But now I am starting to notice more things. Lately I have noticed that 90% of the hunters use a double/full bridle. I always thought they were for saddle seat or high levels of dressage! I guess not. I do think that it would give you more control of the head.

I have been using a pelham in hunt seat equitation. But as a judge, which do you prefer? Do you think a full bridle is too much? I have no clue.


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  1. Black Eye Beth says:

    That is a great question and one I always wondered about. It seems to me that if you can get the desired head set and/or control with a snaffle then you should get “extra points” (Then again, when I showed schooling level hunters, a friend and I always thought that if you cross canter between jumps in a line, make the stride count and a clear the fence you should get “extra points”!!-haha)

    I will email the Judges I have posed questions to and see if they will answer…they might be too busy right now with showing, but let’s see…

  2. love-equitation says:

    Thanks! I am still trying to decide if I should try one on my horse :S

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