New Poll Is Up – Show Attendance

The show season is about half over and we are wondering if all of you think that the show attendance is up, down, or the same as last year.  From looking at the results, the numbers at most shows seemed to be either unchanged or up.   I do know that all the stalls were filled at the Gold Cup, but it seemed that the numbers as Penn Ohio were down some (no verification on that, just my own personal view).  What do you think?

(The last poll on hay prices was quite scary, I thought with over 29% of voters are paying over $6/bale! The rest of the breakdown come out to the following: 16% are paying between $5-6/bale, 14% between $4-5/bale, 23% between $3-4/bale, and 18% between $2-3/bale)

4 Responses to New Poll Is Up – Show Attendance

  1. Mocha Mom says:

    It seems to me that the numbers are UP at the bigger shows and DOWN at the smaller shows, which would indicate that exhibitors are having to make choices and are choosing better competition over getting show ring experience.

  2. Black Eye Beth says:

    It looked like the Maine show was pretty large. I don’t know about as compared to last year. It will be interesting to see if the larger shows are smaller as people start saving money to go to OKC. I heard that New England is down by 90 so far.

  3. gryphonshowhorses says:

    I was just at Northstar Morgan in St Paul last weekend and they said they were down at least 40 horses if I remember correctly. I believe they had about 185-190 horses and last year they had 220 plus. The biggest classes were the Hunter classes..I think one had 18 plus horses in it. Western was good but Saddleseat seemed down.

  4. Black Eye Beth says:

    I am working on the North Star results right now and the hunter classes were quite big. The others do seem lighter like I have seen in other shows. Interesting trends…

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