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I am new to showing Morgans and would like to know if it is common for a trainer who has a horse in full training to charge for the use of their equipment, and to charge a riding fee per class at a show?  What costs are customary? 

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  1. Black Eye Beth says:

    Welcome to Morgan Showing; I hope you are enjoying your new experiences. It is customary for trainers to charge for the use of equipment and for riding your horse in a class. The cost will vary from trainer to trainer and will also depend on what equipment it being used. You might try checking out various trainer websites since some of them do list their fees and charges. You can go to O’Gorman Stables @ Cedar Creek Farm to see some examples. I will venture to add that the prices at most barns will probably be increasing over the course of the year to compensate for the rising cost of gas, hay, grain (pretty much everything).

  2. Mocha Mom says:

    I have had horses in training with only one professional training stable and I can tell you that show equipment rental and a riding or handling fees ARE charged, per class. However, they do not charge the handling fee if I show my horse myself, which seems silly to me as it is more work (and anxiety) for them when I show my horse than when they show my horse. Also, if I provide my own show equipment such as harness, buggy, full bridle, western saddle and bridle, I am not charged for equipment rental. As mentioned by ErikaRose in a comment on “Not much exposure to Morgans – can you help?,” the equipment rental fees are necessary in order to repair or replace equipment that gets damaged while showing because trainers operate on a VERY thin margin.

    You can see a listing of show fees charged by O’Gorman Stables by clicking on their ad on this blog which will take you to their website. From their homepage, click on “Rates and Fees” on the left side of the page. Cedar Spring Farm (on the Blogroll) also lists fees on their website when you click on “Training” from the homepage.

    If you take the time to get to really know the people who are caring for and training your horse you will understand that what was said at the Connecticut Show Symposium and reported in the Connection is true. Our trainers are not in the profession for the money. They do it for the love of the horses and their people.

  3. learning says:

    I don’t agree with being charged for equipment usage or his handling fee if the horse is in full time training. How can a horse be in full time training as a show horse and not be taken to shows as part of his training. This should be part of the training and as such should not be charged again. I definately agree with daycare fees and the transportation charges and all the other charges that are pro-rated per horse. It is the cost of showing.

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