Pink Ribbon Night at Penn-Ohio a HUGE Success

The Penn-Ohio Morgan Show was held July 4-6 at the Crawford County Fairgrounds in Meadville, PA.  This is perhaps my favorite show of the season due to its outdoor setting and family-like ambiance.  The Friday night session on the Fourth of July was dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness through the UPHA Pink Ribbon Program.  ELEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS were raised!  This was by far, the best Pink Ribbon celebration I have seen this season. 

Everyone was encouraged to wear pink and the show donated two dollars to the Pink Ribbon Fund for every person seen wearing PINK that evening.  My personal favorite was the man wearing pink shorts.  Now that takes a real man to pull off.  Show management also gave away 30 hot pink t-shirts to anyone who came unprepared.

Ladies English Pleasure was the first class of the evening session.  Regular readers know that UPHA has encouraged shows to dedicate their Ladies English Pleasure (and Ladies Five-Gaited) classes to Breast Cancer Awareness.  Every rider in the class wore at least some pink, as did almost every exhibitor in the entire session, and each rider in the class rode in celebration of someone that they loved who had (or has) breast cancer.  Breast-cancer survivor and class sponsorship chair, Linda Stewart encouraged several class sponsors for the Ladies English Pleasure class and all of the sponsorship money was donated to the Pink Ribbon Fund.  Of course, Above Level was one of the class sponsors. 

Exhibitors and spectators were encouraged to come to the show office to donate to the Fund and someone who was unknown to the office staff walked in and dropped off two $100 bills.  I made up lapel pins with American flags (to celebrate Independance Day) and pink ribbons and raised $130 for the cause, without breaking a sweat.  Everyone’s generosity was very cool to see.  Kathleen Peeples gave me $40 for just 3 pins because she didn’t have a horse to ‘Ride for the Cause’ in the class.

In an episode of poetic justice, the Ladies English Pleasure class was won by Shirley O’Gorman riding Ultra’s My Girl, owned by none other than Black Eye Beth!  This is how I know that show management really outdid themselves for this event.  Every rider was given a pink rose.  The winner was awarded a bouquet of beautiful pink roses and a Danny Williams original sculpture (which are usually only given to the winners of the Open Championship classes.) They also had special championship-sized pink ribbons made up with the class placing color just on the rosette.  It was very well done and anyone who has ever been involved in show management will know that such ribbons are not cheap.  The show, the exhibitors, and the spectators really out-did themselves and everyone is to be congratulated for stepping up to the plate to fund breast cancer awareness and research.

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  1. Sue Massey says:

    Great post. I will read your posts frequently. Added you to the RSS reader.

  2. Mocha Mom says:

    Thank you Sue. Are you new to Above Level or have you been reading for a while? And, what is an RSS reader? Above Level is the only blog that I read, so I really don’t know much about blogging or the internet. I am able to use this forum effectively only because Black Eye Beth is so willing to help by email.

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