Restaurants in Springfield, OH – Home of the Gold Cup

We have just returned from the Gold Cup having missed several meals. It’s not that there aren’t enough restaurants in Springfield, it’s just that they all close at 11pm. There is no late-night dining Sunday through Thursday, other than McDonalds and Taco Bell.

You might think that with a two session per day show that supper would not be a problem. The morning session generally ran 10am – 2pm and the evening sessions started at 7pm. But, when you have horses who need to be worked because they aren’t showing that day, in addition to horses who need to be prepped to show that evening, there isn’t much time to sit down for a meal. Especially with Restaurant Row being two exits and close to 10 miles away.

Perhaps show management could borrow a page from Grand National show management and negotiate with the area restaurants to have one of them stay open late each evening during the week to which exhibitors could be directed. I would much prefer to eat at TGI Friday’s, O’Charley’s, Texas Roadhouse, Longhorn Steakhouse, Applebee’s (which was not very good in Springfield this year – the service was slow and the food was not at all appetizing), or even Perkins or Bob Evan’s for breakfast at night, than eat from a fast-food drive-thru at midnight.

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