New Poll is Up…Advertising for Cancer Research

Sorry the new poll was a little late in coming this week (maybe A LOT late, but better late than never).  I just wanted to get an idea if anybody out there was considering advertising here to support the UPHA Pink Ribbon Program.  For more information see the top feature post or email me at

 Poll results from last week (or last week and a half!):  Looks like the Saddle Seat folks are the majority (at least in voters).

Of the 57 total votes, 23(46%) voter participated primarily in the saddle seat division, 12 (24%) in Hunt Seat, 7 (14%) in Western, 3 (6%) in Carriage Driving, 3 (6%) in Dressage, 4 (8%) in driving, 2 (4%) in “other”, and Zero in reining. 

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