New Poll – What Do You Do?

I thought it would be fun to see in what disciplines the users and viewers of Above Level participate.  As always, feel free to comment here.

 Results from last weeks poll:

I guess the “Sound” has it.  Out of the 23 votes on whether we should keep sound or mute the videos on the blog, 19 voted for “Sound” and 4 voted for “Silent”.  (For those of you that vote for “Silent” I will try to keep my mouth shut in my future videos!!)

4 Responses to New Poll – What Do You Do?

  1. erikarose says:

    I put down Saddle Seat for the discipline I primarily compete in. I will say I was tempted to go back and vote a few more times, because I also compete in hunter pleasure and western pleasure classes. Then again I have also driven and performed a few dressage tests.

    I really think when it comes to horses I have adhd and get bored with just one discipline.

  2. Black Eye Beth says:

    I have ridden all seats a little and driven but, of course, I go and pick my favorite as the one that I have the hardest time with! I guess it is the challenge. Once I get something in my head I will try to get it done, come hell or high water (just ask my poor husband–aka The Man of Unlimited Patience). I do also really like driving but haven’t had the chance to do it competitively since my Park Harness mare retired to become a mommy.

  3. erikarose says:

    Something about horse women and a good challange go hand in hand :-)

  4. Jan L says:

    Classic English Pleasure is what my horse too!

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