How High Is The River Rising

Hi everyone.

I am working like a crazy woman all the time. Farming time. Here is a group up date.

To night the river came up so fast that the man who has my hay field must bring another man and we (all in the huge rain storm with tractor lights and the rushing river climbing up at our heels) pulled the huge water pump out of the river. The men are very strong and still young. I am old and know what to do while I am waiting. I dig sterps in the river bank so we do not slip. I turn off all the power . I chain the pump and pipes to trees so they cannot float away¬† if the men do not come in time. I haul all the heavy five inch hoses up to the top of the river bank. I bring the flash¬† light so they can work in the dark. I may be old, but I can still be useful. Now the hay field is very wet from Mother Nature. We saved the pump so the water on the field is free. If the river had downed the pump all would be lost. We had a grand time in the dark, the rain and the mud and the danger of the river. I love this job when I have help. I would have lost the pump by myself. I should have had ten strong sons…lucky for me I have children all over the world that I love as dearly as my own. Much love,Carole.

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  1. Jan L says:

    what an interesting story of perserverence. I’m sure you have a feeling of satisfaction and strength after that ordeal.

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