MLF Merlin– 16.1 English Pleasure Gelding For Sale

This is a video of Merlin with Julia Strier, a young lady who had not EVER sat on this horse prior to this day’s video. He can bridle up a bit more, but this gives you a good idea of just how point and shoot he is. He is easy, just stay out of his way and let him carry you! The video starts out with about 15 seconds of clutter, but then cleans up a bit. I left the entire workout on the video, making it a bit long, but if you are interested, be sure to watch to the finish, as you will see he gets better as he goes. I started filing after about a 2 minute warm up with the team (Julia got right on). This is a happy, game horse. A touch hot, but sensible. He is videoed with 4 3/4″ toe and a 16 oz toe weighted show and a flat pad. Very close to how you would shoe him to go to the classic division, and he still goes level. Great Equitation or Ladies horse! $8,500. [kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

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  1. This horse has been sold! Congratulations to Mari Niedlinger on her selection of this great individual! ~Alicia

  2. ErikaRose says:

    Congrats Alicia! What a happy looking guy. Is he going on to be an Eq Mount?

  3. I have had such response on selling this horse, all through this website! I have received three emails and Erika’s post in the last 24 hours! Good to know people were watching him! Merlin is Julia Strier’s new equitation mount. I called Mari back in January/February to tell her that I thought this horse would be a great fit for Julia (I was her equitation instructor throughout the 2006 show season, so I know her very well as a rider). I took video the day she tried him because I wanted to promote him as an Eq horse. Finally, things came together in June, and Mari bought him as a a gift to Julia, who cried when I handed the lead rope over. She fell in love with him the day she tried him and couldn’t stop asking about him! She spoils him to death, and he adores her. She showed him less than a week after getting him at the Syracuse International. In my humble opinion, she got robbed in the Eq championship; Julia had the second best pattern and I had her third on her railwork, but she finished fifth. She was very happy with the horse’s abilities on a pattern, and I think this team is going to be incredible! I am soooo happy for both Merlin and Julia. I really, really like the horse, and it was very hard to let him go. But he had to be sold, and I am just very thankful that he is being loved. Thanks to everyone for your notes of congratulations! ~Alicia

  4. erikarose says:

    Aw! Awesome story, he sounds like he’s got it good! Can’t wait to see her show him, is she taking him to NE?

  5. I don’t think so. I don’t think Lingering Hills as a whole is attending. I believe their next stop is Mass Morgan. Will you be at NE?

  6. ErikaRose says:

    Sure are, we are taking my english pleasure gelding, and our 3yr old stand and deliver pleasure driving filly, my mom’s classic horse will be there with his junior exhib rider too.

    Not sure how many are on the trainers list, last I saw it was like 10. How many are you guys taking?

  7. I am only taking three this year. I have soooo many new teams, and most of them are on their first show season together. New England isn’t a good place to “go practice!” Last year we took 8, but I was showing 4 of them, and this year I am not showing much at all. I have a barn full of two year olds, which means next year will be a fun season! I also have a three year old that is freaky talented, but a touch on the wild side. I had hoped to have him ready, but I am still trying to just survive riding him! So, three it is. But its a real good three, and I am getting to put the one horse, Ultra’s Special Delivery in the Ladies English Pleasure, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. He is just awesome. I have to work him down a bit for the walk/trotter who owns him (she does a great job with him, but he can be a lot of horse when he’s fresh). So I can’t wait for people to see him full tilt! Wo-hoo! Be sure to look me up there… Good luck with your gelding! He’s lookin good! ~Alicia

  8. erikarose says:

    Thanks Will do! I love watching the ladies classes (honestly cause I want to win flowers) Good luck!

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