Our Southern States

We took 3 horses to Southern States and had a pretty good show.

Our 3yr old filly Sevati made her pleasure driving debut and we were tickled pink with her. She earned a solid 2nd in a really nice class. She’s by Stand and Deliver and out of our I Will Command/Superman/Funquest mare. She didn’t show back as our trainer had a 4yr old in the Championship already (and earned the Reserve title!!) but she should be headed for New England next. [kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/6f69kQsa1XQ" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

Our really good friend Brittany Young is leasing my mom’s classic pleasure horse Wintop’s Prince Charles and has been doing great with him since last year when she earned a Res. GN title. They won the Jr. Exhibitor Classic Saddle class, and opted out of the Championship to go for the big money in the Open Classic Saddle Championship and earned a great 3rd. We are so proud of her! Not bad for a 15 yr old going against the big girls & boys. 


Then I showed my English Pleasure Gelding in the Amateur class. It was um…..fun lol. The qualifier was really good we worked worked through a lot of things that we had troubles with last year, but he got a little jumpy of course in front of the judge so we got 5th. Then the championship was amazing until we got into the ring, hehe. He was wayyyy on edge and when he saw the ingate he decided he wanted to canter around the ring the whole first way lol, then bounced around, then 2 people would bang on the rail once we finally started trotting so he’d scoot out from under me and start cantering again. lol it was a crazy 13 horse class. He was a bit of a turd, but eh it happens, that’s why I love him :)

Next stop…….Mid-A

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  1. Mocha Mom says:

    I love your video, erikarose, especially the sound. How did you get the photos from Howie’s website to Above Level?

  2. erikarose says:

    Thanks, I took that on my digital camera, I can’t believe it turned out that well.

    I copied the link from Howie’s site, and entered it into the “Add Photo” button on the tool bar. I’m waiting for my photos and couldn’t wait to share :)

  3. erikarose says:

    She is our first foal, and my mom was shaking and in tears she was so excited to see her being a “big girl” She loves that filly so much.

  4. amie9191 says:

    Awesome pictures and video!

    The competetion at Southern States was DEEP….awesome show!

    Erika I love the pic of your english pleasure horse with the shadows on the wall….its cool!

  5. erikarose says:

    Thanks! I got all choked up when I saw it, I didn’t think he would get any photos of him in that class, and my trainers think it’s the best saddle pic of him yet.

    Did you get to take your horse? I didn’t see you riding around at all.

  6. amie9191 says:

    No I didn’t take my horse :-( The first vet was WAY off thinking his hocks were bad so I took the video to Southern States with me and Mike Goebig said stifle as soon as I showed it to him.

    I had a vet out today and we hope to have him at Mid-A. I hated missing Southern States….thats my fav. show of the year.

  7. erikarose says:

    aw, well I hope it gets worked out. I myself am not that great at diagnosing an injury like that, it amazes me how easily some of these trainers can figure those things out.

    Well I hope to see you at Mid-A! I will have my amateur horse there and hopefully he can be a good boy for 2 classes this show. lol

    Let us know how the vet works out.

  8. LIZ says:

    Hi Erika
    I see you own a Coal Miner’s horse…Who is the dam?

  9. erikarose says:

    he is out of covent gardens mimi

  10. LIZ says:

    Do you have any pictures?

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