New Poll Is Up- Video Question

This is sort of a silly question but I need to know what the blog users like and don’t like.  I posted a few videos today and left the sound on them even though they had some of our commentary on them.  I thought it was sort of fun to listen to what is going on (even though I sound sort of stupid on them).

Do you like the informal aspect or would you rather have me edit out the sound?  Just let me know what you like and feel free to comment here.

3 Responses to New Poll Is Up- Video Question

  1. morgan90 says:

    I only attend the shows local to my area (New England) but I love to see & “hear” what’s going on at shows I don’t attend.
    I’m also a very novice adult rider trying to get my courage up in the show ring so I especially enjoyed the videos. Thank you!

  2. amie9191 says:

    I like the sound….makes me feel like I’m “in the action” LOL

  3. mydoglovesme says:

    I love listening to the commentary as long as it’s not ME!

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