Southern States?

Any one else gearing up for Southern States?

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  1. Black Eye Beth says:

    OH..I wish I were! I love that show but I haven’t been able to go for awhile. With gas prices the way they are, we all opted for May shows that are closer to home.

    Hope you have a good time!! Soak up some sun for the rest of us.

  2. amie9191 says:

    I *might* be going. My horse just had his hocks injected and we have to wait three days to see if they were the cause of him not collecting up like he used to.

    Erika what will you be showing in?

  3. andreagraeff says:

    Hey Erika—I’m heading down to Southern States now—made a last minute change in my show schedule. See you down there!

  4. erikarose says:

    Yay! See you down there A!

    Did you ever resolve his soundness issue from Mason Dixon? Got to love injections :) I’m taking my English Pleasure gelding, and I’m almost positive we are going Amateur (lol I never really know what I’m going in) because there is no Youth Champ.

  5. amie9191 says:

    We gave him the week off after Mason Dixon and his leg looked better but he still wasn’t moving like he was last year so we did the injections. I’ve only riden him once since Mason Dixon so Southern States should be interesting!

    I’ll try to watch your class and cheer for you :-)

  6. erikarose says:

    I hope you figure it out in time!thanks, let me know what classes you will be in, i’ll try to get the ring in time :)

  7. JC says:

    I’ve got a new colt who will be debuting at S. States in 2yr. old pl. driving: He’s MASTERCLASS, and is a maternal brother to Love Her Madly and Stand and Deliver…This boy has hocks to burn up the tanbark. See you all there.

  8. erikarose says:

    Oh how awesome! We have a foal by “Matt” this year *I’m assuming yours is with that name :)* I’ll have to make sure I see that class. Who is training him?

  9. Black Eye Beth says:

    Hey, if any of you get any pics or video of your horses or of the show can you post them (for us bummed out folks who are staying at home)?? We would love to see them (and live vicariously through you)!!

  10. JC says:

    He’s with Heatherstone. Jim & Michelle McCleester have the magic touch with gifted youngsters. Yes, a Matt baby…oily like his Dad. Looking forward to getting to the show. -Joanna

  11. erikarose says:

    Beth, I just got a new camera that takes fairly good footage indoors, so I will try to get some videos and pics :)

    JC, I love Jimmy and Michelle! They are great people to have in the Morgan community, very kind honest people and always willing to lend a hand, plus they are just fun people to hang out with. Good luck with your colt!

  12. Black Eye Beth says:

    That would be great, JC. Thanks!

  13. amie9191 says:

    Jim & Michelle are really great! They are always quick to lend a hand or help out if needed :-)

    I’ll cheer your horse on in the class JC!

    My video camera does okay taping indoors so I’ll try to get some footage to share.

  14. Black Eye Beth says:

    Thanks, Amie..that would be awesome.

  15. JC says:

    Thanks Erika and Amie and best of luck to you. Travel safely!

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