The View From My Saddle

You’re invited to visit a new equestrian blog: THE VIEW FROM MY SADDLE: Observations, Inspirations, and Musings From the Equestrian Life. Outside submissions are considered. Email to for writer guidelines for The View From My Saddle.  Apologies for any technical difficulties experienced with yahoo360—which we have been experiencing lately. A new blog and website are currently under construction. People who have visited The View From My Saddle have also visited the JP Giacomini Blog of which I am editor/publisher. New postings, Q & A, and training tips are posted often. You are invited to post questions on training. Thanks for stopping by. Julie Williams * Flytway Farm Morgans

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  1. Black Eye Beth says:

    Hey Julie, great idea! Do you want to be in the blog roll? Also I put a couple of links in the post for you so people could get to your blogs more easily; hope that was okay.
    Best of Luck!!

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