Barn Renovations Underway in OKC

Fred Nava has reported on the AMHA website that OKC Fairgrounds have begun extensive renovations to Barns 6, 7, 8, and 9, as well as the surrounding grounds.  According to the article, “News From Grand National Show Manager Fred Nava“, the new 130′x250′ arena will be located in Barn 8 and will contain 324 bleacher seats.  The warm up ring will be in Barn 7.  Improvements to Barns 8 and 9 will include 430 stalls, and wash racks, both inside and out.

Other improvement are also being included in the facility as described by Fred Nava:

I was very surprised to find many unexpected improvements to the facility, which included all new lighting in Barn 7. A complete refurbishment of Barn 6. New portable stalls similar to Barn 1 & 2 with out the sliding partitions, new asphalt floor throughout entire building, including stall floors. New ventilation system, lighting and electrical, paint and five inside wash stalls.

 For more information go to the Latest News page on the AMHA website.

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