Stats Update and a big “Thanks”!

I want to give you all an update of how Above Level is doing.  I couldn’t be happier with the stats that I saw this AM.  We have been up and running only since early January and already we have had over 21,000 hits to the site!  I am always amazed when I look at those numbers.  We are still international, with viewers from all over Asia, Africa, Canada and the UK.  In addition we have 140 users registered and highest number of page views on one day was a 778 (I love looking at that number!). 

 Once again, I can’t thank you folks enough!  Show season…here we come…

 (editor’s note: the 21,000 doesn’t include my visits to the site; it counts only outside visits.  As much time as I am on here it would be more like 40,000 if it counted me! -BEB)

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