How’d We Do???

Anybody out there do any showing this weekend?  Let’s hear how you did!  Post any reports you have from the rail or back in the barns.   We, who had to stay home, would love to hear what was happening.

 Also if you have any good restaurant, or hotel tips from the area post them in that catagory for those who may be traveling there later this summer.

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  1. erikarose says:

    We went to Mason-Dixon. Took our yearling colt, who did pretty well. Won his age division (was a little wound up lol and wouldnt pose), then went back into the champ and posed like a little star. So we are very happy with him. I also took my western project, won the Limit/Jr Horse Western class and 2nd in the Ladies (he wasn’t too fond of the wind lol). Overall a great show, my trainers had a great show too, won and got 2nd in a bunch of classes, and left with atleast one champ (that I have had reported back to me). I love this show, and wish more people would attend, it’s a great show for the begining of the season.

  2. Black Eye Beth says:

    Congrats! Sounds like you and your trainers had a good show. I am trying to get the results to post but haven’t heard back from anybody yet.

  3. amie9191 says:

    I got back from the show late last night. Due to bad rain & thunderstorms on Saturday night some classes had to be added on to the Sunday morning session which made for a long day.

    My horse did well considering it was the first show of the year. After three years on the sidelines my fiancé said he wanted to try showing so I stuck him in the western horse in hand class and he actually won it out of 4 people. He was tickled to have won his first class ever :-)

    I rode my horse in the Amt. class and he gave me an awesome ride for the win. During the AOTS class he was sure there was something that was going to eat him hiding in some bushes and we placed second out of 4.

    Sadly during the championship class we think my horse might have stepped wrong or clipped himself on his right hind leg and came up lame during the class. I’m praying that he just hit himself and was “Ouchy” :-(

    What do you guys think???

  4. amie9191 says:

    Erika I saw your limit horse class…..You had a fabulous ride! Your horse is super cute too :-) I snapped some pics for you but I’m not sure if they came out clear. I’ll try to check tonight and I could send them to you if you like.

  5. erikarose says:

    Awesome thanks! I have yet to see a video of us, so I have no idea what he looks like other than pictures.
    I can’t wait to get a walk/trotter up on him, I think it would be way too cute!
    That class gave me the little confidence boost I needed to know that I’m atleast heading in the right direction :) Oh yeah…and we learned how to lope from the jog at that show lol, practiced at home and it was terrible, but we got it down pretty good there

    I got to see your amatuer class (had to lunge him durring your aots class) and your horse looks just as awesome as he does on your tapes. How in the world do you get his lope that slow and collected! It looks so comfy.

    Also, where do you go bit shopping? I have looked all over, and can’t seem to find a place that has a good selection without spending $150+…

    photos can be seen at

    my fav. is

  6. amie9191 says:

    Erika that is a super cute picture of your boy. The photographer got ZERO good pictures of my horse….who the heck takes pictures of a horse cantering…UGH

    Ebay is a great place to find bits for good prices. Schneiders also has some good prices on show bits. Here’s a link:

    Thanks for the nice comments on my horse. With the lope you just have to keep working at it. Lots of circles, stopping, picking it up again….getting a western horse super broke is key to getting that lope. Its best to have a horse that is a little too fast then one that starts 4-beating.

  7. amie9191 says:

    Shoot the link didn’t work. If you go to and search for show bits then you will find some decent priced show bits :-)

  8. Black Eye Beth says:

    Amie9191, I edited your link since it stretch across the page. Hope you don’t mind.

  9. erikarose says:

    sweet, then he and I are on the right track. When we got him he was so backed off he would hardly go forward and very baulky, so I spent like 2 years working on just getting him to go forward. I was always taught that you can’t train a horse go slow until it can move forward.

    I’m pretty comfortable with english bits, but still a little lost with western ones. He’s very mouthy, no matter the bit, unless his caveson is cranked tight. He doesn’t gape his mouth open, just plays constantly or tries to get his tounge over. I’ve always heard that roller bits help with that, but my brain wants to tell me it would do the oposite….any advise anyone?

  10. erikarose says:

    (forgot to add, that I normally work him without a caveson)

  11. amie9191 says:

    Thanks for editing the post Beth :-)

    Hmmm Erika I’m not sure about the whole tounge over the bit thing (I’ve yet to have to deal with that). I always ride my horse in a caveson except for in the show ring…it works for him so I keep it on.

    Its very hard to teach a horse to go forward on the bit. It took me a good year + of training to get my guy to not back off the show bit.

    My show bits are all wrapped in sealtex (sp?) to help soften them up and I find that helps.

  12. erikarose says:

    Yeah, I wrap mine also (love the stuff). I’m loving that bit! Looks like something my guy would love (mine just has a plain medium(ish) port on it). I guess I just gotta keep my eyes open and see what I can find. I just hate to spend a ton of money on a bit (or any equipment for that matter) not knowing if it will work. Thanks again!

  13. Black Eye Beth says:

    I know my trainer has had to deal with the tongue over the bit issue. I am going to go see her today so I will ask what she does about it. I get to ride my mare today for the third time after 2 years lay up for a torn suspensory. I get a little distracted out of excitement, but I will do my best!

  14. erikarose says:

    Thanks! I appreciate it

  15. amie9191 says:

    Beth how did your mare tear her suspensory?

    I’m really praying that’s not what my guy did :-(

  16. Black Eye Beth says:

    Amie9191…We are not sure how she did it exactly and it actually took some time to figure out what was going on. A couple of years ago, we took her as a 4 year old to show in the park saddle futurity at OKC only to have her come up lame after she was ridden on hard footing (that was the year the coliseum footing started out hard; they added to the outside and it was way deep)Anyway, we x-rayed her there and didn’t see anything. She had the winter off and was back to work and ready for her Saddle debut at Gold Cup. One week before she came up lame again. We hauled her little behind down to Dr. Bennett in KY and he found a tear in her suspensory through ultrasound. She also has tiny (and I mean tiny) little legs so her confirmation was also a problem leading to special shoeing. We drove her at home all summer and fall. She went back to saddle work in Jan. and so far so good. We also have to put her in English Pleasure since her legs just can’t handle the strain of being ridden park. Luckily it wasn’t anything “major” and she just needed time to heal.

    I hope your guy didn’t have that happen, but at least it is something that will heal in time. I have another mare that completely tore her peroneus tertius ligament in her hind leg-have no idea how-but she is in year 2 in her healing process and will probably need 2-3 more if she heals at all. Dr. Bennett said she will heal, but it just takes time for the the ligament to re-adhere and build up scar tissue.

    Honestly, I would suggest if you can’t figure out what is going on, either have Dr. Bennett up to your place or haul your boy down to KY. It is expensive but it is well worth the money. I won’t go anywhere else for lameness in a show horse anymore. (Plus he has a horse MRI that is just WAY COOL if you can get him to show you some of the images of the horses he has treated.)

  17. Black Eye Beth says:

    I talked to my trainer and the only thing she suggests in tying his tongue and use a cavason. Maybe he will get the idea over time. She also suggested riding him in at least the cavason (not sure about the tongue tie) right until you are ready to go into the ring. Hopefully the tongue will stay in place during the class.

    Sorry I don’t have any better ideas but I will try to remember to pick some other brains later when I see some friends over the summer.

  18. amie9191 says:

    Thanks for the info Beth. My guy came up lame in the championship class at Mason Dixon :-(

    Thanks for the vet names…..a good leg vet is a must have!

  19. Black Eye Beth says:

    Dr. Bennett is awesome. He travels all over the world. Anybody else out there use him?

  20. erikarose says:

    Thanks Beth. I on occasion tie is tounge at home, can’t show with it though so I stopped doing it.

    I will try work with the caveson, I didn’t do it before because I was afraid to rely on it to keep his mouth shut. I’m game for anything so I will give it a go!
    Thanks again

  21. Gold Creek says:

    Hi Gals….you might also try adjusting where you hang your bits in your horses mouth..either move them up or down and see where he ends up being the most comfortable….also I would try a variety of mouthpieces on him…and see what ends up working for him…Amy…I was going to email you to see how your your horses leg is…… how sore is he yet??

  22. amie9191 says:

    I got Headlight on the lunge line last night and watched him move a bit…..he doesn’t appear lame at the trot but I thought he looked a little off during the lope (might just be my eyes playing tricks on me).

    In the championship video he was WAY off in his back right leg. Some of my friends who saw the video think he hit himself with his other foot but its hard to tell.

    I’m praying that its nothing major :(

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